Black and Blue

My style is always changing, and although I don’t like to look back at the abomination of a closet I previously owned, it is nice to dig out old pieces that I haven’t worn since being back in school. I wouldn’t go as far back as the high-waisted, denim-pleated, mini skirt I bought from Jane Norman in three different colours because I thought it was the greatest fashion item since neon leg warmers from Internacionale. The idea of carrying my BANK drawstring bag with any outfit is hilariously cringworthy too!

At the moment, the UK is experiencing the weirdest weather and I don’t really know how to dress for it. It’s sort of cold, but the sun’s out, but it’s not quite warm, but warm enough to leave the house without thirty layers on. You can easily experience all four seasons in one day. As the weather is so unpredictable, I like to stick to a really basic outfit, that is adaptable and comfy to wear. This jumper dress is one of my favourites during this turbulent time, and I only realised I had it a few days ago. The dress is one of those wardrobe items that is always there, and always forgotten. It’s been in the bottom of my closet for as long as I can remember, and it was the ideal piece of clothing during the tortuous days of sixth form. One of my favourite things about the dress is that it can’t really go out of style, because it’s so basic. The simple design was created by my mum (who’s a designer), because I wanted a really easy wardrobe for school. Turns out, this dress could be my must-have for the rest of my life!

ccblackMy jumper dress is incredibly warm, meaning I don’t have to feel stuffed with a load of layers on top. I bought this light mac from Primark during the summer, after spending months looking for an inexpensive jacket to wear during the odd weather weeks. Since the purchase, this coat has become one of the most-worn items on my clothing rail. The great thing about it, is that it’s just so simple. The light jacket fits easily over and under clothing, and can be dressed up or down. I’ve even worn it to a wedding! On top of my mac, I used to carry this Topshop bag absolutely everywhere with me while at school. The size was perfect, and the faux leather is really light. Sadly, it’s no longer in stores but I’m glad it’s stayed in such amazing condition. Similarly, my lace-up pumps from Next have lasted a really long time. The suede fabric is often paired with dresses as the texture works really well against other fabrics and they stand out better. The pumps are completely flat and super soft, adding extra comfort.

 Coat – Primark // Dress – incelebstyle// Bag – Topshop  // Veil- bestweddingveil  // Sunglasses – Next