Blue Marshmallow

I have a weird obsession with coats. Living in the North means I basically have to carry a coat everywhere I go, so why not build a collection of coats? There are so many different jackets and coats available to buy, sometimes I just can’t resist a quick purchase. However, I never regret buying a coat; and it means I don’t have to put too much effort into making every outfit different because each jacket can make every ensemble look unique. The coat I’m wearing today, one I’ve named ‘The Blue Marshmallow’ has become one of my favourites as spring rolls in. 

The pastel blue colour isn’t something I would usually go for, I do like to wear blue, but darker colours. As it was only £5.00, I figured it was damaged or not the best winter coat – but I was sooooo wrong. It’s so warm! And this is coming from someone who is always freezing cold and has absolutely no tolerance for a chilly breeze. It’s one of those coats that you don’t need as a layer, because it’s like six layers alone. It’s not heavy, and very soft, hence it being names the “Blue Marshmallow”. 

To contract with the coat, I chose my favourite beanie hat which never fails to keep my head warm. I’m also crazy in love with scarves at the moment, almost as much as coats. Today’s scarf has been in my closet for about four or five years, but is still going strong. The knitted piece has become a favourite each winter, mainly because it goes with absolutely everything and keeps me super warm without having to fasten my coat up (something I never do). I own quite a few pairs of jeans, but I only ever wear one pair, once they’re a favourite, I wear them til they die! The same goes for my over-the-knee boots which I love to wear with denim. The suede contrasts well without taking away from any other pieces in the outfit. 

COAT – MATALAN (similar) // SCARF – NEXT (similar) // JUMPER – TOPSHOP // JEANS – URBAN OUTFITTERS // BOOTS – NEXT (similar) // BAG – NEXT (similar) // HAT – FOREVER 21 (similar) // JEWELLERY – VARIOUS CHARITY SHOPS & NEXT