Let’s Go to the Gym

A year ago, I would never be seen at a gym. I always assumed gyms were for the super-fit, exercise enthusiasts. However, after one massive kick, and a spur-of-the-moment burst of motivation, I decided to try at least a whole hour one a few machines. Three hours later, I was loving every moment and decided the gym is my new favourite place. As much as I enjoy having a higher level of fitness and slowly losing weight, I also love shopping for gym gear and finding new outfits for each session. Activewear is just so much fun to shop for!

One of my favourite looks is this almost all-black outfit I wear when I have to walk to the gym. It’s important for me to keep warm, as there’s still a little snow on the ground; but I don’t want to be wearing multiple layers because walking quickly will keep me heated. My leather jacket is a cold weather essential and an overall wardrobe must. The great thing about this faux leather piece is that it keeps you warm once you’re warm – almost like a thermal. Because it’s faux, the fabric is lightweight and easy to move in. The fur collar is a great accessory for this season too. I never carried a bag to the gym at first, but now that I’ve become more confident with going, I will shower and sometimes change into different clothes while there. This small but spacious Nike bag is absolutely perfect for me and holds just the right amount without becoming a burden.

I have never owned a pair of Vans shoes until a few weeks ago. They were immensely popular while I was in school, but never something that I was into. However, while doing my weekly browse at TK Maxx, I came across this pair in the men’s section and knew I would never seem them again. They’re bright without being too ‘in-your-face’ and can be worn casually and for exercise. Vans shoes are way more comfortable than I imagined and I’m definitely going to look into getting another pair soon.