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On Saturday 30th April 2016, Live At Leeds
Festival will arrive and I cannot wait. One of my bucket list items for 2016
was to attend a huge music festival and Live At Leeds is the perfect event.
Live At Leeds is held annually across a variety of venues in Leeds and always
has an incredibly amazing line-up. It’s a great way to see the acts you love as
well as discover new performers to fall in love with. The festival celebrates
local bands as well as established artists and I’m so excited to attend. Jess Glynne is one of my favourite UK artists and I can’t wait to see her live; it’s also going to be amazing watching The Boxer Revellion, Will Joseph Cook, Loz Campbell and Tiggs Da Author perform!

See the line up below:

Of course, with every event I attend, I have essentials. And
there are plenty of essential needed for Live At Leeds.

A Good Camera

Taking your iPhone and an enormous DSLR camera is always a
nice idea, but can end up in damaged equipment. One of the best thing about
festivals is the atmosphere, and Live At Leeds always has an amazing and
enthusiastic atmosphere – so lugging around a heavy camera isn’t the most
sensible idea. However, it is important to get extraordinary photos so you can
look back on such a fun event. When on the go at a city festival like Live At
Leeds, a disposable camera or smaller digital reflex camera is definitely one of my

Appropriate shoes

There’s nothing worse than wearing shoes that will cause
pure pain all night. It’s a pointless pursuit, especially when a music festival
is in more than one venue and in such a busy and exciting city. As Live At
Leeds is not just a stand-still festival, there’s plenty and walking and
exploring to do and so much the city can offer. It’s really important to wear
your favourite shoes, but shoes that will stay intact and won’t take away from
the experience by clouding fun memories with bruises and blisters.

Mini everything

I usually like to freshen up half way through the night because I’m slightly vain, so
bringing smaller beauty items and even a miniature perfume bottle is vital. Carrying
around a huge rucksack full of all your April beauty favourites is not the way
to go, the more compact the better. If you’re a bit of a hygiene freak like me,
why not pack an extra bottle of anti-bacterial or one of those Dettol sprays
that are in tiny bottles? Lipstick is also a huge essential for me, as you can
never have too much lipstick.

Cash. Plenty of cash.

Whenever I go out, I avoid paying with my card. I just
prefer being able to pay for something quickly at a bar or counter, without
having to pull out my debit card and remember my pin (which I always forget).
Honestly, I don’t like using my card for anything, and there’s absolutely no
chance you’ll catch me using a contactless payment card machine – I don’t trust
them! Having change in a little coin purse or wallet is really handy and less
of a hassle.


Obviously, it’s hard to get into a city festival, or any
festival without a ticket. I’m so excited to be able to offer all my readers
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