Spring Ambition

Summer is always everyone’s favourite season. Honestly, it’s even my favourite season. There’s sunshine, people are way more chill and despite the level of bees, it’s nice to see more plants and animals. As much as I love laying around in the warm weather and basking in the sun, I think spring is still a great season to prep for the summer. I’m a total organisation freak so I basically plan everything down to the T, and using this time of year is a great way to set out some blogging goals and tasks to be done. I guess this post is sort of like an update on Anika May!

I need to get on top of my blog posts. Although I try to post three times a week, it can be a real struggle and I usually complete a post the night before. Not that different to school really. But fortunately, I don’t see blogging as a burden and not having any post ideas or scheduled drafts stresses me out to another level and it can be quite discouraging. One of my biggest blogging goals is to not only have at least on pre-written post a week, but also to write more personal posts. Not that the words I type aren’t genuine, but I tend to slip into my English essay tendencies. You know, the whole point, evidence, explanation routine like I’m an A Level robot. That kind of writing is ideal for formal posts and blogging jobs, but not as much for Anika May.

My new camera arrives soon, and I can’t wait. There will 100% be a blogpost on its features and a real review. It’s a Pentax camera, so it will be nice to get to know a new brand. I’ve always been a Canon girl so buying a brand new style that’s a little higher range should help improve the quality of my photographs. Improving my blog has been on my to-do list for as long as I can remember and is still something I strive to do. Whether it’s my journalistic skills, or even the topics I talk about. I think it’s good to keep a little ambition.

Before summer arrives, I certainly need to sort out my iPhone. Not that it’s falling apart or anything, in fact I’ve managed to keep it without smashing the screen… although I have gone through a few screen protectors! I have a small obsession with phone cases, and I think I’m going to try and get a new phone case every so often to inspire me as I like change. The phone case I’m using today is a spring-themed one, with a bright blossom image (my favourite)! The case is my custom made by me which makes it all the more better, and kindly provided to me by CaseApp*. To get 20% off your own custom phone case or laptop skin, use the code ‘ANIKA20CA’ and get started! My phone apps also need organising, they’re all over the place and I’m just too lazy to deal with it. But that’s what spring is for right? Cleaning up and sorting out.

Finally, I’m learning to drive! It’s a long time coming, and most people are shocked to learn that I’m almost twenty years old and have no idea how to move a car, but that’s about to change. Sadly, I didn’t receive a Range Rover Sport the day I turned 16 like I always expected. However, driving is something I have always wanted to do. It would allow so much more freedom, especially in blogging in different locations around Yorkshire.

So, with April almost over and summer hitting the UK soon, I have plenty to do and even more to blog about. Stay tuned!

This post is in collaboration with CaseApp.