20 Things to Do This Weekend

I wouldn’t call myself much of a social butterfly, but when
the weekend comes around, I always like to have plans or something to do. I
like to go ‘out out’, but drinking in the same old bars and seeing the usual
club-goers every weekend can get boring. I’m 20 years old and would rather
watch a marathon of Zac Efron films that go out and party – I know.  But as a way to get motivated to do more, I’ve
created a list of things to do this weekend! TGIF!


#1 Attend a cooking

This is something I’ve never done, but I think would be such
a fun idea with a best friend.


#2 Take a random
train to somewhere

I try to keep it local, mainly because the price of train
tickets is ridiculous – but it’s spontaneous!


#3 Bake bake bake!

Cooking isn’t one of my skills (sadly), but I do enjoy
baking. Why not make a few yummy treats?


#4 Spend a day
watching Disney movies

I recently watched this Disney Medley on
YouTube and fell in love, bring on the movies!


#5 Have a water
balloon fight

Depending on the weather, water balloon fights can turn into
harmless fun in the sun.


#6 Watch Netflix… all

Netflix is no longer a pastime for me, it’s a lifestyle. If
you’re alone this week, find a friend in TV!


#7 Visit the nearest

I love a good beach! There’s nothing like a walk along the
sand to cheer me up.


#8 Go on a mini road

The weekend is unfortunately only two days, so a mini road trip
to the nearest town or city would be fun with friends and family.


#9 Have a camp/bonfire

They’re traditionally reserved for November 5 or just camping,
but I love the idea of s’mores in the back yard.


#10 Takeaway takeover

Order from all your favourite takeaway stores and feast with
your friends.


#11 Throw a house

If I don’t want to head out in Leeds, a house party is an
alternative option. You just have to deal with the mess afterwards.


#12 Visit a carnival

I love the carnival setting, it’s relaxed and exciting… and
an excuse to indulge on candy floss.


#13 Attend a workout

Not my first choice, but always an option. It’s a lot more
fun with your mates too.


#14 Shopping spree!

Is there anything more fun? Time to start blowing those

#15 Visit a farmer’s

This is something I’ve always wanted to do but never had the
chance. Farmer’s markets have so much to offer and help encourage a healthy


#16 Go on a bike ride

Bike riding used to be part of my regular weekly routine and
I loved it! It’s amazing exercise and a chance to find some new scenery.


#17 Head to the zoo

Two of my favourites are Chester Zoo and Knowsley Safari
Park! I understand zoos are not for everyone, but are a great family weekend


#18 Watch beauty
tutorials on YouTube

You don’t have to be eager to learn, but they’re a lot of
fun to watch and admire.


#19 Backyard pool

The sun is out a little more, so why not throw a pool party
with a blow up pool and floaties?!


#20 A traditional

The Sleepover Club was one of my favourite TV shows growing
up, I’m no longer a teen, but I still love a girly night in.