Back to the Office

 A few months ago, I would be the last person to show even
the slightest level of enthusiasm for the workplace. The idea of being in an
office drives me nuts, but with my current job, working as a marketing
executive for two amazing charities, Clothing
and Beaneezy, I look forward
to the office more and more. Now that I’m happy to see my desk multiple times a
week, dressing for work has never been easier and it’s much more fun to
experiment with different looks depending on different tasks throughout the
day. With every work week, comes a favourite office OOTD – here’s mine!



I rarely wear skirts because I find it hard to pair them
with the right tops. However, my mum’s a designer so she was able to put
together this top and skirt combo to help provide the right silhouette and make
sure I’m comfortable. I’m really fussy with the waistband of skirts, simply
because they can instantly become unflattering if too high or too low (not
cool). Since receiving my amazing necklace from Wattney Kay about a year ago in
post, I have loved using it to brighten up a look – still one of my
favourite pieces of jewellery!



Top – homemade // Skirt – homemade // Cardigan – New Look
// Necklace – Wattney Kay // Boots – Next // Bag – Topshop (only
available in red)

PS: hope you had an awesome bank holiday weekend!