Blogging at an Event | My Three Essentials

I recently attended the Live at
Leeds Festival thanks to The Blogger Programme and The Zeitgeist Agency and
enjoyed the whole day. However, it mean I needed to be prepared as the festival
is held in a number of venues in Leeds and I’d be on the go all day. This gave
the idea to create a blog post on three essentials for blogging at an event or
on the go!



I mentioned in a previous
post that I struggle to concentrate and get stuff done unless I write down
what needs to be completed. For a blogging event, I like to take note of opening
and closing times, as well as the names and numbers of important people. When
going to the Live at Leeds event, there were certain artists I really wanted to
see at different places across the city centre, so I noted down where I needed
to be and when. It’s common that events will have brands sponsoring or gifting
items, so noting down the names of those brands and even the Twitter and Instagram
handles to mention them online.



Bringing a camera is an obvious
essential, but if I can squeeze in another lens, I always try to do so. Depending
on the job, you could bring different types of cameras to produce different
types of photos. Or, you could be like me and super protective over expensive equipment
and chose to bring the less expensive camera! For Live at Leeds I brought my Pentax
K-S2 camera, but the Canon 1000D is always a great option for taking clear
photos and capturing the right shot. If there’s an event where I can’t bring
such a big camera, my iPhone 6s camera works well too. It’s great to be able
capture a photo and post it straight onto my social media accounts.



Attending an event usually means an OOTD photoshoot, and I
always like to touch up just before to ensure I like remotely presentable for
the blog post! Makeup is a crucial must-have for most places I go, and I hate
forgetting the extra tube of eyeliner or another powder pack. For accessories,
I like to bring anything that will make my outfit a little better or has a
shimmer. I don’t think I’ve ever said no to diamonds 😉 Live at Leeds resulting
in spending some time in the sun, so I brought along my Bloc Eyewear sunglasses*
and Dixi “Born a Bad Seed” ring* to add to my look.