Stila Cosmetics Face Haul

There’s always one brand you go back to, no matter how much
you try to experiment with different products. For me, Stila has become that
brand. As the frugal person I am, spending money on makeup is one of my least
favourite activities (despite how much I enjoy owning it), but sometimes you
really have to splash out on a product that you love. I really like Stila’s eye
shadow palettes and liners, but their foundation and powders beat them all.

Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer – £29.50 (Shade: 06 Cocoa)

This foundation and concealer is absolutely perfect for the colder
weather and contouring. The foundation is faultlessly thick without being too
light and is very pigmented so there’s no need to go overboard with the amount
of product used. The foundation can be spread lightly because it is such a high
quality, and I don’t use a lot each time. I love that the foundation comes with
a mini concealer on the top, which is a lot thicker but still the same shade.
It works really well against the foundation and can even be layered on top. The
product really is Stay All Day as I
can apply it in the early hours of the morning before work and never have to
touch-up before going out in the evening – plus, it comes with its own brush.

Stay All Day Bronzer for Face & Body – £28.00 (Shade: Dark)

If I’m using a Stay All Day foundation I need the Stay All
Day bronzer right? Well, that’s my logic anyway. I have always been a fan of
Stila’s powder and bronzer range because they really help foundation to set and
stay in place and absorb oils and grease. I used to use the Stay
All Day Bronzing Powder (which is currently on sale for £9.00) but recently
started using the bronzer for face and body – and I just love it. The best
thing about the bronzer is the setting power, and that it doesn’t come off
easily. There’s nothing worse than finishing a base for makeup, and then
finding brown fingerprints all over my white walls and doors. The powder doesn’t
lift off easily, meaning less need for setting spray!

Perfect & Correct Foundation – £28.50 £8.50 (Shade: Deep)

This foundation has become the perfect product for the
recent warm weather. If I’m ever going for a ‘no makeup’ makeup look, this
foundation is the one to use. It’s so lightweight, I often forget I’m wearing
any makeup. The light, bubbly texture is ideal for the summer or being in the
holiday heat. The foundation is a lot more hydrating that the Stay All Day foundation
and keeps my skin fresh and able to breathe. The foundation blends really well
with other concealers, and is an amazing base for powders. Like the rest of
Stila’s line, the product doesn’t come off the second you touch it, so I don’t have
to worry about waiting for it to set.