That Khaki Coat

As you may know, I love a good coat. In my ‘Blue Marshmallow’
OOTD, I mentioned how much I really,
like coats – and that’s still true. On occasion, I have to avoid the
coats and jackets section of a retail store because I know I have absolutely no
self-control when it comes to shopping; and that’s exactly how I found today’s item.
It’s a style that I’ve never really worn because I always believed extremely
long coats would make me look very Darth Vader-ish and that’s not what I’m
going for with my wardrobe. However, after trying it on, and completing a few
twirls, I fell in love with that khaki coat.

The colour isn’t one I’m normally drawn to because I
believed it would be difficult to find colours that wouldn’t clash with the
texture and shade. Nevertheless, I’ve discovered the complete opposite. There’s
actually quite a few items in my wardrobe that pair really well with this coat,
blue jeans being one of those items. Everyone has a pair of classic blue jeans,
no matter what the style. I chose the basic skinny jeans from New Look, but I
also see this coat going well with some lighter distressed boyfriend jeans and
looking very chic. I like to wear skinny jeans with my suede ankle boots (a
forever favourite) because they elongate my legs without being uncomfortable.

As I’m feeling quite down at the moment, and struggling to
focus on blogging (or just life in general), having a little gem like this coat
is slightly lifting my mood. The Limited Edition M&S coat was bought during
their recent spring sale and it was the very last one in store – which seems to
be the case for most items I buy. Sadly, I couldn’t find the coat online with
the product code as it’s been discontinued, but found a similar one linked
below! The khaki coat is acrylic, polyamide and elastane so is full of stretch
and extremely soft, it’s also a double breasted number, so I could pair it with
a full dress to create a super stylish evening look!


 Coat – M&S  // Top – River Island // Jeans –
New Look // Shoes – Next  // Bag – Topshop (only available in red) //
Sunglasses  – Next