21 Ways to Speed up a Work Day

We’ve all been there. You’re at work, it’s around 9.05am
and the day feels like it has already been three hours. Everything is dragging
and it seems like the office clock is broken because the seconds and minutes
are lasting way longer than they’re support to be. Sometimes, the entire week
can drag along; and after a few years of walking in different offices and a few
locations, I have worked out many ways to help the work day fly by.

Social media

It’s incredibly easy to get lost on Twitter… or Tumblr… or Instagram… or Pinterest…. or… what?

Write for fun

Getting blogposts done seems like a blast when you’re
avoiding the secular work.

Finish your
grocery list

It’s so much easier to complete the weekly shop when
you’re not in the food store and trying to remember 30 items at once.

Play online games

Remember Stardoll? Yeah it’s still a thing. There are
thousands of online games to get distracted by, the help the day pass by.

Create a new
Pinterest board

Whenever I create a new board, I love to fill it as much
as possible before the next one.

Work on your

I know my posture needs a lot of work, and why not use an
office chair to practise?

Google baby animal

Aren’t they just the cutest? I can’t pick a favourite. No
wait, I can: tiger cubs.

Find funny memes

Twitter is the perfect place to find memes, but there are
other sites like Reddit, Memebase and memes.com too!

Go to the bathroom

There’s nothing weird about 10 bathroom breaks right?

Perfect your cuppa

At one office job, I spent 20 minutes making each cup of
tea. It was not only one of the most entertaining moments of the day, but now I
can make a smashing cup of tea.

Snack break!

There’s always time for a snack – time to work on
building up that secret drawer.

Discover some new

I love stalking new blogs and using Bloglovin’ to fall
in love with a whole load of blog posts, collecting as many as I can.

Read the news

Most news channels and stations have apps which update
regular to keep us in the loop.

Plan your next

And plan everything down to the T! A detailed itinerary
and lists of landmarks to photograph.

Work on your

A good office chair is the perfect opportunity to
rehearse a great posture.

Talk to someone

Whether it’s online or in person, engaging in some good
conversation will help time fly by.

Five minute jam

Sometimes I don’t even need headphones, when there’s a
song stuck in my head (usually a classic Disney one), it’s easy to sing through
the whole song and watch five minutes disappear.

Clean your desk

I’m a little OCD so this is more of a hobby for me, but
really helps the day seems shorter.

Ask for a new task

A new task that’s exciting and time-consuming is the most
obvious way to speed up a work day while actually getting work done!

Walk around

When working in a bigger office, I would occasionally
stretch my legs for a little while, it’s healthy.

Observe your
surroundings & daydream

People watch, stare out of the window or even inspect the
clock! Plus falling into a state of happy daydreaming is definitely one of my
favourite things to day.