5 Things That Make Me Happy

Happy Friday! There’s something about a Friday that just
makes everything better. Life feels good when it’s a Friday because freedom is
near. Whether it’s the warm and cosy evening before a Saturday shift, or a
crazy night out before the early morning hangover – everybody loves a Friday.
As I’m in such a great mood today, I thought I would post about five things
that make me happy. Despite the weather not being awesome for mid-June (but
what else can you expect in the UK?!), I’m still feeling elated and somewhat
buzzed even though I can’t pinpoint a specific reason why. Maybe it’s because
I’m getting the hang of driving and not as terrified anymore, or maybe it’s
because I have a few blog post drafts up my sleeve which makes me feel like I’m
a little more on top of things. Nonetheless, today is a Friday. Enjoy


Laying in your own
bed after a long day

I often find that when I’m hard at work, all I can think
about is a nice warm bed. Not because I’m sleepy or tired, but because I
absolutely love my bed! The huge pillows and the soft sheets have me
daydreaming all day. Even now, the idea of curling up under my puffy duvet and
faux fur with Once Upon A Time on in the background while I stalk people on
social media sounds like a treat!


A solid cup of tea

As a Yorkshire lass, most people think I’m obsessed with
Yorkshire Tea and having it running through my veins. True, I do like Yorkshire
Tea and think it’s the best of the bunch, but I also love a good cup of Earl
Grey tea, and Twinings have the best Earl Grey teabags in the world. I need the
cup to be piping hot, with the perfect amount of mil and absolutely no sugar –
just in case you were wondering.


Heavy ainstorms

An unusual thing to make me happy in the middle of summer,
but recently there’s been a few cases of heavy rain in the UK and I have loved
it! The dark storm clouds accompanied by hours of pouring rain is quite therapeutic,
whether there’s thunder and lightning or not. I’m not a fan of the weird rain
that’s really light but somehow drenches you, or any rain with wind; but a long
and heavy downpour somehow cheers me up.


Throwback playlists

Recently I’ve been listening to a concerning amount of
Britney Spears, Hilary Duff and other artists I used to love when I was 5. Any
sort of song that was produced and released before 2006 seems to be in my
favourites list right now and it makes me reeeaaaally happy. The excitement you
feel when you hear and old song and still manage to nail all the lyrics is
thrilling. A good way to always brighten the day is listening to things that made
you smile before, and will again.


Pinning and pinning
and pinning

I was one of those sceptics who at first said “What’s even
the point of Pinterest if I have Tumblr?”, but now I can’t live without Pinterest. Now I see the point. I keep creating
boards just based on things I like, and it helps my profile to become a lot
more personal, even though I use it for blogging and work too. The amount of
images, recipes, workouts and ideas I get from the website each day are
endless; and I’m become very