6 Ways to Organise Your Life

Being completely honest, I can be a bit of a mess sometimes.
I’m weird because I love to organise and sort things out, but I’m also slightly
lazy and have a tendency to let things slip. However, with this in mind, I do
think it’s really important to organise my life as I’m now 20 years old and
responsible for myself. I have quite a few ways I like to keep myself organised,
stay on track and continue to adult
at life.


#1 Utilize Your Phone

Just about everybody has one and everybody has used one. Why
not make the most of it? There are so many simple, no-nonsense apps like Notes,
banking apps, Voice Memos, Calendar, Reminders, fitness and social media apps
that help to keep everything in check. They’re easy to use, and always there as
most people don’t go far without their phone.


#2 Declutter everything

A totally obvious tip but still helpful! A clean space
equals a clear mind and there’s no need for it to always feel like a chore. I’m
not big on cleaning myself, but with a solid playlist and comfy clothes, I can
dance around the room and enjoy it! Declutting is a lot easier when you have
friends with a second opinion too. It’s helpful to think: “Do I actually use this?” and if not, throw


#3 Get a notebook

Although I use my phone a lot, I do like to go old school
and use a pen and paper. Plus, it’s a way for me to justify the amount of
notebooks I own. It doesn’t have to be a crazy expensive book, DIY-made ones or
basic refill pads work fine!  I carry a
notebook around as much as possible and write everything down: thoughts,
to-do’s, lists, reminders and so on. I also make sure to note down the date and
deadlines too.

#4 Get a file folder

I started a ring binder of important documents when I received
the letter with my National Insurance number on from the HMRC. Since then,
everything goes in that folder: driving licence documents, insurance, contracts
and so on. It’s really helped me to keep everything in check and safe.
Similarly, I’ve made a folder for receipts of expensive items I need to keep
for a certain amount of time and even a folder with my work and blogging
contracts and agreements!


#5 Buy a diary or agenda

An item I love to shop for. Sadly, my diary drowned when a
water bottle leaked in my bag so I had to buy a new one, starting in the middle
of the year (ugh stresses me out knowing half of it will be empty) but I can’t
leave the house without it. I occasionally forget to put things in my phone, so
a diary is a good way to note down important events and times, as well as names
and numbers.


#6 Budget, budget, budget

Honestly, I hate budgeting. I hate any sort of task that
involves mathematics. Simple adding up it tedious to me, but I still do it
because it helps me organise my life. The great thing is, that once you’ve done
one monthly budget, the rest is easy! It’s a great method of keeping track of
direct debits, as they’re the one thing that tend to bleed my account dry.
Also, it’s helpful to budget if you want to plan ahead or open a new savings



What are your life organising tips?

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