Dark Summer | Wishlist

It’s wishlist time again! Shopping is one of my favourite
*cough cough* ‘exercises’ and I absolutely love to create wishlists on Polyvore full of luxury and high
street items. It’s one of my favourite networks for discovering new items and people
to follow. Creating sets is extremely relaxing, especially when you create
something that’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye. One thing I’ve noticed with
my style is that I tend to go for darker colours and I’ve decided to sometimes
embrace it! Of course, there are occasions where I need to brighten up my
ensembles every so often, but I think all-black is so badass, I just love it.
Wearing all-black in the sun is a pretty brave thing to do, but I don’t think
there’s anything wrong with a little… ‘dark

The first thing on my list is the Black Spaghetti Top by Romwe.
I have been on the lookout for cute summer tops to wear, because sometimes I’m
so warm I barely want to wear anything at all (obviously I would never scar the
world by doing that)! The straps on this top turn it from a basic tank top to a
unique bralette that will subtly pair well with (literally) anything, and still
stand out. It’s a cotton top, and fits perfectly into my theme. To pair with
the top, I chose the Black Button Front Skirt from Topshop.
I don’t wear a lot of skirts, simply because I don’t have much to pair them
with. It can be really hard to find a skirt style that suits your body shape
and this is still something I struggle with. Luckily, it means more shopping to
‘experiment’ with my style and what suits me. I usually play it safe with an
A-line skirt, and I think this denim utilitarian piece fits well. No wishlist
is complete without one high fashion item! The Sac De Jour Nano Leather Tote by
has always caught my eye, it’s so chic it hurts. I think this
handbag would be the perfect investment, and joins the many others I have waiting
on my list. I love the simple style, and think it projects pure elegance and femininity
without being OTT. 

Another luxury bag I liked is the “Totes Amaze”
Tote by 3.1
Phillip Lim
. Devastatingly, it’s out of stock everywhere but I couldn’t
pass up the opportunity to include it in my Dark Summer Wishlist. The Harlock
Platform Sandals by Jeffrey
are one of the few white items in this list, but luckily they do
come in black. For this look, even though it is based on embracing all-black, I
really liked the monochrome contrast with white sandals. I think they will
stand out even more, and help the outfit to look different too. Along with the
White Hardware Belt from Yoins,
adding a little splash of white is creating monochrome with minimal effort (see
what I did there?)

Finally, the Tether Skeleton Bracelet from Marc
by Marc Jacobs
is one of my favourite items in the entire wishlist. It may
be tiny, and difficult to see from a distance, but I absolutely adore the
style. It’s so simply unique, the design behind it is genius. I find that
watches like this are pieces that get the most attention without any effort. I
love these little gems, as they pull a whole outfit together despite their
size. This luxury piece is completely black and may stay near the top of my
wishlist for a very long time.

What’s your favourite item?

// Skirt
// Saint
Laurent Bag
// 3.1
Phillip Lim Bag
// Sandals
// Belt
// Sunglasses
// Watch
// Plants
// Towels
// Rings
// Brush
// Candle
// Cleansing
// Body
// Nail
// Eyeshadow