Grey and Sparkly

I can’t lie, I wear a hell of a lot of grey. Honestly, I
never realise how many darker colours I wear until I clean through my wardrobe
or rearrange my clothing rail to see very little colour and plenty of blacks
and greys. Even during the summer, although I do try to spice it up sometimes,
I tend to resort to my old ways and habits! Today is no exception, I’m back at
it and still loving it.

Today’s a really simple work day. I have one major task to
do which involves assessing and improving a website. Along this task is quite
complex, I have the entire day to get it done and the office I work in is quite
relaxed. My dress is a favourite days like this because the fabric is just so
soft. It was a one off buy that I will never regret. The fabric imitates tweed
with a static-looking effect to make a basic A-line dress. However the jewels
along the collar help to brighten this up a little more and out a fun twist on
a simple dress.

Out of true Anika nature, of course I completed the rest of
the outfit with all-black accessories. I like to feel cosy at work and because
I’m ALWAYS cold so a good jacket like this leather piece is a must. Similarly,
tights are essential for me! In the summer, most people are surprised to find
out I still wear tights basically all of the time! I love them, and they keep
me warm – my fellow freezing friends will agree. I bring a briefcase to work
which means I can bring any handbag needed, and today I chose this perfect
purse from Next. The buckles help it to stand out from the average LBB (little
black bag) and pair well with the dress without taking all attention away from
the rest of the look. I find black shoes are perfect for this, everyone need a
good pair of ballerinas or flats in their closet – no matter the style!



Dress – Next  // Jacket – Miss Selfridge  // Boots – Next  //
Bag – Next