How Chic Is a Natural Skin Routine This Summer?

Don’t you feel like days you spent on the beach last summer
actually happened a million years ago? It’s June already and we can’t wait to
show off our new bikinis at the beach! Besides our thirst for salty waves, cold
lemonade, and the heat of summer, another feeling waking up is our desire to
implement natural ways into our daily routine. Natural skin care is very chic
these past few years, and for good reason – it is the best thing you can do for

Soak in the real nature

There is no way you are going to have beautiful, healthy,
and glowing skin if you apply expensive serums and oils and barely ever leave
your apartment save from going to and from work. Your skin needs the sun and
wind, these are natural elements that remind us that we are alive, and add
plenty of essential vitamin D into our bodies. Of
course, you should always use sunscreen and limit the time you spend on the
beach, but exposing your skin to the sun will give you a nice tan and feed you
with vitamins, which means that you will be healthier and your skin will look
beautiful. If you are worried about not getting enough vitamin D in your
system, do not hesitate to use vitamin supplements and add more fish oil to
your diet.

Wash the toxins out

You know that you should drink at least six glasses of water
through the day to stay hydrated and health. This does not mean that you should
drink water when you’re thirsty (by that time your body is already dehydrated),
but try drinking a glass every few hours instead. There is only a certain
amount of water our bodies can absorb in an hour, so keep a steady flow instead
of drinking four glasses all at once. Making sure you are well hydrated from
the inside does not exclude the need of moisturizing, though. Applying rich
moisturizer every morning or evening will ensure that your skin keeps its glow,
especially the skin on your face. In addition, you should use vitamin C serum, which will
help your skin to keep its firmness and elasticity, especially when exposed to
the summer sun.

Exfoliate and cleanse regularly

Exfoliating is incredibly important because we should rid
our skin from those rough, dry layers which build up every day. Make your own
gentle but powerful body scrub using coffee, brown sugar, and coconut oil, and
use it at least once a week (better twice, though). However, exfoliating too
often can strip your skin from its protective layers too, so don’t do it every
day. On the other hand, unlike with exfoliating, you should cleanse your face
at least once a day; but since you are doing it on a daily basis make sure you
use a mild natural cleanser which will keep your skin soft and not strip it of
its natural oils.

Natural masks

It is best to avoid ‘shady’ chemicals that can be found in
pretty much any skincare product, and start making our own face and hair masks using
ingredients from our fridges and kitchens. Use ingredients rich with oil for
dry skin, for example avocado, honey, and coconut oil, and to soothe acne
breakouts mix oatmeal, warm water, unsweetened yoghurt, and a bit of honey. If
you would like to lighten your skin, simply use fresh lemon juice, honey, and a
bit of papaya. In addition to being completely natural and safe, these masks
are also delicious!

Remember, blindly following trends has never brought anyone
anything good, and just because everyone is talking about something, it doesn’t
mean that it is a good thing. Do your research, find out as much as you can
about products you intend to use, and don’t hesitate to give up using a product
if you notice side effects you don’t like. After all, your health should always
come first, not just this season, but always.

This post is a guest post by Zara from!

Images source: Flickr