It’s Cocktail Hour

I love going out. Not just out, like down to the shops, but
out out. Cocktail hour can be any day of the week right? I like socialising, and drinking fruity cocktails and wandering around
with my friends. Whenever I go out out, I like to dress semi-formal, just
because it’s an opportunity to dress up and get all foo foo which doesn’t happen to me that often.
One thing I’m not too keen on, is head-pounding, sticky-floored,
yucky-bathroom nightclubs that include two hours of trying to be served and another two just waiting for the loo. I often find that I’m wiping my
feet in the way out, if you catch my
(they’re not clean). My favourite place to go would be Call Lane in Leeds, it’s full of bars and pubs that are busy but never over the top. I also adore Angelica in the Trinity Leeds shopping centre – but’s its seriously pricey!

However, when I go out out, I always think to go for my
over-the-knee black boots. No matter what time of the year, these boots work
for me because it’s always freezing
cold by midnight and they keep me warm. I bought these boots in the autumn of
last year while trying to re-invent my wardrobe and attempting to dress more
like Blake Lively (I’m still working on that one). I absolutely love these
boots because they’re so breathable! I can actually move in them! Unlike
another pair I had before, that made me feel as If I had ties two enormous
rubber bands around my knees. The great thing about this magical pair, is that
I can wear them with everything – literally everything. They spice up an outfit
a little more, and help me to turn the average ensemble from day to night.

Ever since wearing this dress to the NBN
Blogger Event last year, I’ve loved it. The pattern is super simple but
looks busier from a distance, giving an interesting dynamic to a simple dress.
The cuffed sleeves elongate arms and it also has a tie at the neckline, which
can be loosened or made tighter. I immediately thought this kind of dress is
one that you could only wear once, but I’ve worn it about thirty eighty
times and not become sick of it. Similarly, I absolutely adore my clutch from
TK Maxx, I saw it once, and haven’t seen it since. Still, I take it every time I go out out and don’t loathe
it yet.

Now that I’m feeling much better and finally over my flu-like sickness, let’s go out out!
Dress: NEXT
Boots: NEXT
Watch: OASIS
Clutch Wallet: TK MAXX
Earrings: TOPSHOP