Nutribuddy Weight Loss Kit | First Impression | AD

I’ve spoken about my diet and weight on my blog before,
but never really gone in depth on methods I have used and things that have
worked or failed. Although I no longer go to the gym, I still work out five
times and week and try to eat as healthily as possible. Despite seeing some
results, I’m still looking for new ways to stay healthy and lose weight so I
can reach my goal. I recently received the 14 Day Weight Loss Kit* from Nutribuddy and decided to share some of my
first impressions of the kit after unboxing everything and trying a few
products out.


Sculpting Whey Shake

Hunger Fix tablets

Multivitamin tablets

Shaker Bottle

Little Book of Weight Loss

Recipe Book


The Sculpting Whey Shake is used every day and in plenty
of the shakes in the recipe book. One thing I liked is that the protein comes
with a scooper inside, so you don’t have to struggle with measurements each
time. The resealable bag is to be stored in a cool dry place, and features
plenty of protein to be used of a long period of time – I’m certain it will
last me more than two weeks with every day use. I love that the Whey Shake
comes in two flavours (I chose vanilla because yummm) and can be used with
water or milk in your daily shake. The taste is true to vanilla, but isn’t so
overbearing or grainy that it’s a struggle to swallow.

The Hunger Fix tablets are to be taken three times a day,
an hour before meals with at least one glass of water. I didn’t think these
tablets were that effective at first, but after a day or two with meals I found
that they do help me to feel fuller even if the meal isn’t that big or calorie-packed.
This is really accommodating, as I used to always struggle with proportions. If
I didn’t feel full, I would literally just snack until I did. That’s why I also
quite like the Multivitamin tablets – which are taken once a day with food. Amazingly,
I’ve seen very slight improvements in my skin which I’m sure will continue more
over the next week or so. The tablets are easy to swallow, it’s just
remembering to take them!

The Shaker Bottle comes in two colours, red and black – I
chose red. I immediately thought this was just for water, but after reading, I
realised this can be used for the Sculpting Shake, I have also used it for my
smoothies (two of my favourites I’ll be sharing soon)! The bottle is a good
size and strong enough to be carried around and washed over and over again. Inside,
there’s a spiralled metal ball which is incredibly convenient when mixing the
Sculpting Whey with water or milk. Trying it without the ball inside is a bad
idea (been there, done that), as it quickly mixes everything together with
little effort and gets rid of any chunks.

Finally, the Little Book of Weight Loss and Recipe Book
are much better than I thought they would be. I have received diet kits before,
and the books with them have either been little leaflets that provide
absolutely no information, or textbooks that are all text and technical jargon.
The Little Book of Weight Loss gives a good explanation of each product, how
they help and what they actually contain; from Whey Protein to Glucomannan. It
also has a FAQ page, and eating plan for anyone who wants to use the recipes
from the book for every meal. Speaking of recipes, the book by Nutribuddy
contains breakfast, shake, lunch, dinner and healthy treats recipes and ideas
that are all easy to make with ingredients that are easy to access. I’m so
eager to try out some of the treat ideas! There’s nothing more annoying that
trying to eat healthy but not being able to find or afford crazy exotic foods –
this book has great meal options that are filling and go well with the


As mentioned before, I’ve been using the Sculpting Whey
protein every day with milk, and absolutely love it. It’s so simple! All you do
is take 30 grams (which is three scoops) of power, drop it in the bottle and
add milk or water before shaking. I’ve found that the shake is really filling,
and with the rest of the weight loss kit, I’ve been eating less already and it’s
only been a few days.

Have you ever tried any Nutribuddy products? Did you see any results?