Style Crush | Chloë Grace Moretz

Chloë Grace Moretz has recently become one of my favourite
actresses in Hollywood – even though I have many.
Despite her age, Chloë has been featured in some amazing films, including
Kick-Ass, If I Stay and Neighbours 2. Being completely honest, I never really
thought of Chloë as a style icon as she’s not someone who strikes me as
flaunting her riches and designer gear. When I think of Chloë, I don’t think of
a typical 21st century celebrity with an annoying Instagram feed and
three hundred cars. She has a really simple street style, as dresses to suit
her taste while subtly staying on trend and in style. Check out ten of my
favourite looks from Chloë below! 

Regarding her red carpet and appearance looks, Chloë really
knows how to show off a good pattern and invests well in pieces that will catch
an eye without being so over the top you have to look away. Not only do I love
that fact that she doesn’t feel the need to pout for every photo op, but she
also loves her basic casual wardrobe. It’s realistic and comfortable – not
everyone walks around in Louboutin’s on a regular Wednesday. Chloë is a style
crush for me, because she wears clothing that I can also wear. Her style is youthful, which inspires me to dress in more colour and experiment with my closet a little more. Majority of the
young girls in the public eye spend thousands on an outfit, which could also be
the case for Chloë occasionally, but she’s an easy fashion idol to imitate
because her style is so effortlessly chic!