Bad Moods Are Healthy | Journal

Today I woke up in a terrible mood. Not that I’m going to
use up today’s post to rant about everything wrong right now (although I’m soooooo tempted to), but I’m actually
sat here thinking about the fact that it’s been a while since I’ve been in a
bad mood and I actually kind of like it. I’m always pretty happy and smiley,
but today I could scream at someone and I’ve decided this is good for me.

Not that it’s inhuman to be perky all the time, but I’m a
bit of a drama queen and having a good sulk helps me to stay grounded and sane.
I might even listen to a really sad playlist and flounder around the house, whinging
about the weather or cringing at daytime TV. Or I could just sit in silence and
judge everyone on social media because they’re having an awesome day and mine
sucks. In all honesty, some of my most productive work sessions have been when
I’m super annoyed at something in a sulky mood. When I feel rubbish, watching Netflix
for six hours straight isn’t as fun.

There are many people who write posts on how to beat a bad
mood (myself
included of course
), but there are also huge positives to feeling negative –
if that makes sense. My memory seems to work a lot better when I’m being stubborn
or over dramatic. There could be some drama in my friendship group, and I don’t
even need screenshots to help me out because I can suddenly remember anything
and everything with minimal effort. I also have much better judgement when I’m
being temperamental and tend to reach decisions much quicker which is a completely different story when I’m
happy (my Tumblr name used to be “indecisiveyoung-soul”
– what does that tell us?).

And as mentioned earlier, I work better when feeling
short-tempered! I don’t know how it works, but if something during the day hasn’t
gone the way I would like, I come home and write around three blogposts on
whatever I can come up with. They may not be published straight away, but they’re
still there. So if you ever hear me talking about a burst of creativity on Twitter, it’s usually because I have
wanted to punch a wall at some point during my morning. With a solid stream of
music playing and my focused mind, I can get absolutely loads done.

Of course we have to be careful a bad mood doesn’t turn into
low mood, but I think the occasional strop is good for the brain and the body!

Image source: Tumblr