Hello Sunshine

There’s something about the sunny weather that makes
everything better. I could be in the worst mood, one of those days where
everything is going wrong, but a little bit of sun makes the mood a lot less
destructive and I can actually think clearly – maybe even smile a little bit. I
love sitting in the sun, absorbing rays and just taking everything in. Despite
the hay fever, I find summer quite relaxing and it’s becoming my new favourite
season. This year, I wanted to try adding more colours in my wardrobe, and one
colour I haven’t worn in a very long
time is yellow.

I don’t like loads of attention on me, which is strange to
say seen as though I stand in pathways and take photos of my outfit to be
published on the internet. Still, I really don’t like a lot of eyes on me, and
find that wearing darker colours puts that aspect of anxiety at ease. For me,
wearing yellow means more attention. It’s naturally an eye-catching colour, no
matter what the shade and is one I used to actively avoid. I think yellow goes
pretty well with my skin tone, well I’m hoping it does because I kinda like it
now. This yellow cold shoulder top was bought from Tesco back when they had the
F&F website. I was on a mission to brighten up my look, but didn’t want to
spend £300 on a t-shirt. This top was only £12 at the time (sadly it’s out of stock,
I haven’t seen it since) and it’s made really well. The quality of the fabrics
is really good, it’s not just two pieces of polyester thrown together. It has a
strong lining to ensure the shirt isn’t seen-through, and adjustable straps. I was
actually quite surprised because Tesco isn’t known for being the hottest
clothing store on the high street – it’s where I go to buy my favourite cereal.


I was hesitant on keeping the top because it is very bright,
and seems to get brighter in sunlight; but then I was reminded that’s exactly
the reason I need it. It becomes the subject and centre of an outfit with
minimal effort, and is remarkably easy to dress around. I used to think bright
colours were a no no for me, but maybe it’s something I need to be a lot more
open to.





Bag: TOPSHOP (sold out…boo!)

Sunglasses: NEXT