How to Decide If Your Job Is Wrong for You

How to Decide If Your Job Is Wrong for You

There are thousands
of people who could tell you the worst thing about their job, however some find
at least one aspect they like or one area they thrive in. Sadly, on the other
hand, some employees simply can’t stand going to work and daydream about
quitting every day. I’ve been there, and it took a lot for me to finally decide
to pack in that sense of security and realise I was in the worst job ever.

Detesting your

It’s Sunday night, the idea of Monday is nauseating and
the whole routine is just a headache waiting to happen. This is something
that’s really common, but if the idea of the week ahead is sickening so much it
affects quality of life, I would definitely say it’s time to figure out the
next step. I used to love Friday nights, but also feel slightly sad because I
knew the next week was so close – that was my sign!

Extreme lack of

I have a lack of enthusiasm when it comes to most things…
like to think I’m quite similar to April from Parks and Rec, I’m pretty moody
and have the bitchiest resting face, but if you give me something I really care
about, I will jump up and become full of life. At work, most of my co-workers
probably thought I was miserable, and it’s because I was. If there’s not even
the faint flavour of zeal at work, maybe it’s not the best place the build a

Counting down to
the weekend

While working full time, I used to say “every week is
just a countdown to the weekend” and that’s really not the mindset to have. It
was difficult for me to realise this train of thought isn’t productive at all,
as it means I’m just wishing my life away and life is way too short to be doing
that. It’s important to value the time we have, and that shouldn’t be spent
wallowing around the office.

Little respect for
your manager and colleagues

It wasn’t difficult for me to imagine my manager being
hit by a bus every so often. I can’t even lie about it, the woman was evil. As time grew on, I lost more and
more respect for her and the workers who did nothing all day. At that point I
noticed I wasn’t in the right job because I don’t care for the authority or the
rules, not the attitude to have.

Dreading team
nights outs

Ugh. Nothing was worse. Yates Leeds became known as the
local hell for me because it’s where all the team nights out were held. As soon
as someone has a birthday, or retires, or moves house, or passes a test… or
sneezes. Saying no over and over become very difficult, so team nights out and general
co-worker association is a devastating occasion. When that’s the worst thing
life could throw out, it’s time to leave.

Waiting until
08:59 to enter the building

This always makes me laugh because I did this every day. The
funniest thing is that I would get into Leeds for around 8:30, and take the
longest walk to work, before spending a good fifteen minutes in the bathroom
playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood before strutting to my desk to ensure I was
never late, but more importantly never
. Even on days where I had to start at 7am, I sat and ate my breakfast
before even thinking of logging on. Avoiding work like that showed me it was
the wrong job for me.

Have you ever quit a job? How did you know it was the
wrong career path for you?

I understand many people don’t enjoy their jobs but it’s their only means of
survival. I know this from experience and would like to stress this post is
just for entertainment.