Nighty Night Shirt

Today’s outfit is all about this men’s suit shirt I bought
absolutely ages ago, and haven’t let go of since. I’ve always been a fan of
shirts, although in 2012, I wore way too many check shirts and now I’m not too
keen on them. Still, I’ll always be a fan of the oversized look and this shirt
is perfect for that.

I can be pretty lazy when it comes to getting dressed. Sometimes
there are days where I really don’t want to put any effort into my appearance,
and some days when I just don’t care.
A huge shirt is perfect for that kind of mood. With most of my outfits, I hate
to feel weighed down so men’s cotton shirts are ideal. I like women’s shirts
too, however they’re built with the female body in mind, so have a slight curve
for the waist, whereas men’s shirts and tops are usually just straight down the
sides which is what I like. During a shopping spree, it’s just so easy to drift
off into the men’s section and find way better items that some of the pieces in
the ladies’ section.


I have a habit of buying clothes that are too big, and today
is no different. With most clothes, I prefer them to be loose-fitting, but with
shirts, I go way over the top. I can’t help it! I literally want them to flow
in the wind. Also, the bigger the shirt, the skinnier my legs look so that’s
always a plus. I picked jeans and shoes that would match my look, my shoes in
particular being a new favourite. I’ve had them for a really long time, but
recently re-found them during a closet cleanout and found them in tip top
shape! I’m so happy I discovered them again as they’ll be perfect for Sunday’s
trip to Alton Towers.


Shirt // Tesco

Jeans // NEW LOOK

Shoes // Nike

Bag // Topshop

Jewellery // Various charity shops