Nutribuddy Weight Loss Kit | 14-Day Review | AD

I was recently sent the Nutribuddy
Weight Loss Kit
* to try out, as I’ve been on the hunt for new but healthy
ways to lose weight without resorting to extreme measures. I could say I’ve
been on a diet for years, and struggled to see any major results. Although I’m
not the same size I was four years ago, there’s still more weight I’d like to
shed! Over time, I’ve learned that I really like smoothies, and it’s one of the
only ways I can force myself to eat fruit on a regular basis, without feeling
the burden of a strict diet.

The great thing about smoothies are that they’re so filling,
and can replace certain meals during the day, especially if I don’t have the
time to sit down and indulge. The Recipe
by Nutribuddy became one of my favourite items from the kit, because
it has such a wide variety of ideas and meals. There are simple meals in there,
such as Cannellini beans with eggs and toast for breakfast or Moroccan lamb
with apricots and almonds for lunch/dinner. Now one smoothie I have to share is the Mixed Berry Shake –
oh my goodness it’s magical.

Ingredients: 30g Nutribuddy Sculpting Whey, 113g frozen berries, 113g fat-free strawberry yogurt, 30ml semi-skimmed milk, 7g porridge oats, 1 tsp agave (optional)

When I made this smoothie, it came out a little more like yogurt
as it was pretty thick! Regardless, I absolutely loved it, and once I finished
the entire cup, I couldn’t even think about eating any food until the next day.
I went without the agave seeds, but loved the idea of porridge oats in a shake
as this is something I’ve never tried before. Plus, it was an opportunity to
use more for the Sculpting Whey which I loooovvvveeee
the taste of.

Regarding the Hunger
Fix and Multivitamin tablets
, I saw a slight difference but nothing that
was a total game changer. I believe this is down to only using them for about
two weeks (when I remembered to take them), so I’m sure there would be much
more improvement on top of my positive first impressions. My only struggle with
the tablets is that they’re quite large, which is something I’m not used to as
I don’t take pills that often.


As mentioned in my first
impressions post, I like that the Little
Book of Weight Loss
is not just a flimsy leaflet full of images and
captions. Inside, you’re pleasantly surprised by the amount of information on
the products in the kit, as well as a Do’s and Don’ts section for the eating
plan also featured inside. The book isn’t boring and full of textbook
terminology which can also be quite common with weight loss kits. The Little
Book of Weight Loss gives a sizeable amount of information concerning the Sculpting Whey (which I got in Vanilla)
– a large bag of protein that can be added as an extra ingredient or used in
the daily Whey shake (the perfect snack replacement)! I used this protein when
making the banana and mango shake from the Recipe book.

Ingredients: 30g Nutribuddy Sculpting Whey, 1 medium mango, 1 banana, 500ml orange juice, 4 ice cubes

Luckily, this smoothie came out as a smoothie, and again was
so filling. I think the 30g of Sculpting Whey helped immensely! When previously
making smoothies with just fruit and juice or ice, I find that they are runny
and end up feeling like a beverage I could drink alongside a meal. The texture
was odd at first, as I’m not too keen on banana, but could totally live off
mango. It took a minute to get used to, but the taste won me over, it’s a
perfect solution to a hunger craving. I was drawn to the smoothies because
they’re so quick and easy to make, and life has me on the go right now. This
smoothie has idea to drink out of the Shaker
which I usually use for the daily shake, but can also use for
smoothie recipes I have tried out from the book. I’m happy the bottle is
included in this set, because it’s a good but portable size and includes a
metal spiral to helped to get rid of any lumps my blender missed.

I managed to lose around four pounds over the two weeks with Nutribuddy + exercise! 

Overall, I really like the Nutribuddy Weight Loss Kit and
would recommend it, especially for the Recipe Book and Sculpting Whey. The
delivery was shipped in great time, and the resealable bags are a good size for
the price. I received the 14-day supply kit, and still have plenty left to use
so I think the price is certainly worth the product. If you’d like to know more
about what you receive in the Weight Loss Kit, you can check out Nutribuddy’s Weight
Loss Essentials page


This post is in collaboration with Nutribuddy.