W7 In The Nude Palette | Review

When it comes to beauty and cosmetics, I love to collect eye
shadow palettes.  It’s one of my
favourite ways to play around with colours and experiment with techniques while
spending little money and time. As much as I like to contour every so often, I
can’t always be bothered to do it every day, but a different shade of eyeshadow
can brighten an entire look. Since being about 12 years old, I’ve worn eye
shadow – bear in mind that was when I wore white eye shadow, or a navy blue
shade with absolutely no eyeliner or mascara. I know.

Now that’s I’ve matured (slightly), and have sat through
hundreds of make-up tutorials, from cut creases to smoky eye; I like to shop
for different palettes and try to collect a wider range of colour. On the
boring days, I stick to darker nudes (browns, maybe the occasional black), but
I have recently really gotten into pinks on my eyelids, as I think the blend
pretty well and can easily become a transition shade.

Shades from left to right: Teddy bear, Wonderland, Cracker, Happy, Lady Luck, Twister, Di Di, Delilah, Magic, It’s a dram, Up in smoke & Dawn

I recently bought the W7 In The Nude Eye Shadow Palette from
(only £5!) and was quite surprised at how much I liked it. Usually, when
cosmetic products are under £20, there’s a slight worry they may not be of a
high quality; but this palette could easily be a high street dupe for the UD
Naked 3 palette! I have never owned a Naked palette, simply because the price
is too high for me, but I think the selection of colours by W7 are perfect.

One thing I really liked about the palette was the pigment
of the eye shadows, it was incredibly strong, and I’ve been using quite a few
shades for a while, and have barely made a dent in it. I can use plenty of
different brushes and the shadows spread really well and don’t clump up on my
eyes. I have found that some eye shadows have a tendency to be too heavy which
becomes a struggle when it’s a time to apply liquid eyeliner, or they’re so
light and transparent, I have to apply layers upon layers which eyeliner
doesn’t respond well to.

Two colours I’ve been loving are Twister and Up in smoke as
they work really well together. However, it’s really easy to blend a few
colours together and create a girly and looks with the lighter shades, or a
darker look with the deeper purples. I sometimes worry that dark colours will
make my eyes look to small, but the shimmer in the shadows really helps to
bring out the bright in your eyes, and then I can use the lighter colours
around my tear duct if needed.


Overall, I really like this palette, I have been pleasantly
surprised by W7 (check
out my review of their setting spray) and I think, like Sleek, they’re
definitely a brand to keep an eye on as their products are constantly improving
and staying at an affordable price. My one wish, was that W7 products were
available in more stores!