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Many of my followers already know this (mainly because I
never shut up on Twitter), but
this year, I quit my full time job and started working part time to make life a
little easier and blog more frequently. Since quitting the worst job in the
world, I have been working for two amazing charities that help the community in
an awesome way.

clothing solutions for disabled people, sandra hunt, clothing solutions, clothes for disabled people, disabled people clothes

Along with my mum, we run two charities, Clothing Solutions and Beaneezy.

Although both
these organisations have been operating for quite a while, we have recently
launched social accounts for them and are working really hard to re-launch the
Clothing Solutions website. One social network in particular we have been
putting our focus on is Facebook. Personally, I was never a big fan of
Facebook, but it’s proven as a really easy way for customers to be able to find
our charities. Check out the Twitter pages for Clothing Solutions!

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Want to know what the charities do? Well, Clothing Solutions
(for Disabled People) is a registered charity that designs and alters clothing
for disabled people. It’s very difficult for some people with a disability to
find clothing that fits them just right, or clothing that they can wear and put
on by themselves, allowing them more fashion freedom. Clothing Solutions also
designs bespoke accessories such as bibs, hats and even slippers to suit
everyone’s needs. Using a unique computer system, our customers are able to
have their very own design and finally wear any piece of clothing they choose.
Many of our
happy customers
wouldn’t having the correct fitting or comfortable clothing
if Clothing Solutions wasn’t able to create and adapt for them!

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began as a group of beanbags within Clothing Solutions, and slowly grew into
its own charity. Beaneezy has a line of beanbag
products available for an amazing price, but can also create unique and
bespoke beanbags and cushions to suit the needs of all our customers. Recently,
Beaneezy just completed an enormous order of our most popular beanbag, the
Large V Arm Support for some of the biggest organisations in the country,
including NHS, British Red Cross and MacMillan Caring Locally. Beaneezy is also
able to produce memory foam cushions for our customers, out of some our cosiest
fabrics. Beaneezy has also become immensely popular for athletes, children and new and feeding mothers too!

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So, if you have the time, pretty (pretty) please could you
pop over to the page and hit the little like button? And feel free to invite
others, the more the merrier! We have plenty of photos and information on
social media, which is updated regularly! 

Clothing Solutions Facebook Page

Each like or follow means so very much, and is incredibly