Annika Nail Polish | Review | AD

Since I stopped wearing acrylics, it’s my duty to now hunt
down as many nail polishes as I can. So far I’ve been doing pretty well, but I
do occasionally struggle with polishes that won’t chip within the first two
hours, like most I’ve tried. There are plenty of brands out there that provide luxurious
quality varnish… that costs more than a bottle of champagne. Barry M and Rimmel
are two of my favourite brands from nail polish, but I recently tried the Annika
Nail Polish line by The Edge Nails it’s not just the name I’m obsessed

I’m always open to trying new products, especially from
brands I’ve never heard of or bought from. When I received the Annika Nail
Polishes I was absolutely thrilled to try them out, and finally get some colour
on my bare nails. The line includes 30 different colours, from jet black to
bright yellow and I received Bella Ballerina, Pretty Pixie and Beauty Queen.

My first impressions of the colours was that they were
brighter than I expected and would look great on my nails as long as the formula
is strong enough. It’s really common to find nail varnish that’s a stunning
colour, but is almost like water when painted on the nails – major
disappointment. I get that quite a lot with glitter nail polishes, and hate
applying layers on layers, as I’m impatient and it takes too long to dry. With
the first layer of Bella Ballerina, the lightest shade, I was actually quite
surprised at how visible it was, despite the colour.

Regarding the formula of the Annika Polishes, it’s thick and
light without being too watery. The polish is easy to take off and doesn’t
stain my nails which is a big yes in
my book. I’ve also found that the varnish dries very quickly and doesn’t pool
on my nails. I don’t have the biggest and best nailbeds (hence why they’re not
splashed all over this post), so to have a polish that takes well to my nails
is a colossal advantage.

Luckily, the colours also dry the same shade when they dry,
and most importantly – they don’t chip. Overall, I would say Annika varnishes
have a lasting power of 7 to 10 days. I usually apply two layers, because the
colour is bright and pigmented enough for just two; plus I often find that
whenever I put on more than two solid layers on my nails the varnish struggles
to dry and ends up getting smudged no matter how long I wait. I wouldn’t go as
far as saying Annika Nail Polishes are chip-proof, but they last long enough
for me, as I get bored of the same colour quickly.

If I had to pick a favourite colour, it would be Pretty
Pixie, simply because I think I could wear it in almost every season and get
away with it. Beauty Queen is definitely more wintery, and Bella Ballerina is certainly
more summery – whereas Pretty Pixie is a happy medium for me. Overall, I would
totally recommend this nail line to anyone who is looking for an affordable line
of colourful polishes that are a great quality and so pretty! Plus, I absolutely love the name 😉


The three Annika Nail Polishes pictures above were gifted to
me by The Edge Nails.