10 Life Lessons Learned in My Late Teens

September’s here! As it’s basically school season and I’m feel reminiscent of my time in the education system, I thought I would share today’s post. My late teens were a turning point for me. Everyone has that
stage at a different point, some teens really mature at 14, others would
rather sit and play The Sims for 6 hours until the problem disappears like me.
However, towards the end of my teenage years, I started to grow as a person and
mature more during the struggle of sixth form.


I am responsible

It’s time to grow up! Once I started looking after myself in
little ways, I realised I’m responsible for everything regarding me. My mum can
only do so much and I’ve got to fly the figurative nest at some point. I
learned it was down to me to be time efficient, and pack bags properly and even
revise thoroughly otherwise I would have no one else to blame.


Friends aren’t forever

While in sixth form, I drifted away from my group of friends
quite a lot. When I started in school, I had an enormous group of friends, both
boys and girls but somehow it started to fade. I never really noticed until
there were about four of us left and then there was me. Looking back, I’m happy
I had those experiences, but I’ve moved on and found people who care about me.


Most things require effort

Being lazy doesn’t get me very far. It’s one of my biggest
traits, I enjoy laying around and doing absolutely nothing. I could easily
stare at a wall for a good half an hour and feel entertained. I’m just a simple
lass like that. However, growing up, I have noticed that I need to work HARD if
I want anything done right. Minimal effort isn’t an option when it comes to
blogging, and that should be the same for most tasks I tackle.

Spending is much easier than saving

I LOVE shopping so much. Even window shopping is better than
going down to the bank and actually opening a savings account and locking away
my money, but it has to be done. Seriously, if I do not but some of my savings
in a fixed bond, it will disappear, I will find something to spend it on. Right
now I’m learning to drive, and I’ve realised saving is the only way I will be
able to continue.


I can’t please everyone

I had spent a large amount of my adolescent and teenage
years trying to impress and please everyone. If I could sense even the
slightest tone of disappointment in someone’s tone or facial expression, it
would sit with me for months. One day, during that mid A-Level-breakdown
everyone goes through, I became determined not to care and haven’t looked back
since. I still have the same attitude today: you don’t like me….so?


I won’t have a perfect life

From around the age of nine, I had my life planned to the T.
I would become a fashion designer and marry a super hot guy and live between
Los Angeles and London – basically become Victoria Beckham. I’m sad to announce
that didn’t happen, but happy to confirm that’s perfectly okay. My life has had
many twist and turns in its twenty years, but it keeps me on my toes and I like
the unexpectedly.

Getting old is what I make of it

While in school, I had a friend who used to cry every
birthday because she didn’t like the idea of getting older. She was completely
inconsolable and felt like she’d wasted a year. I still think of her every
year, but it helps me to remember that getting old isn’t the worst thing in the
world and its an opportunity to reflect and grow!


Keep those unrealistic expectation

This may not apply to everyone, but I’m pretty sure I live
in a fairy universe. I imagined my self driving a Range Rover about now and my
blog being so successful I was fighting off publishers with book deals and
sponsors with collaborations. Of course I know this is a ridiculously high aim,
but it makes me smile and keeps me blogging on the days when I really don’t
want to.


Experience is everything


Despite there being incredibly trying times I wouldn’t be
the same person without those experiences. I’m sure there’s many many (many)
more to come, but I’m still happy to learn and attempt to grow up on my own.
Travelling alone has really helped my confidence and understanding, as well as
allowed me to see countries and cities I could only dream of!