Bolder, Brighter…and Bluer

Everyone has a colour they always fall back on. The one
colour that is certain to suit your skin tone or gives you that extra boost of
confidence. Everyone has a colour.
My colour usually black, but when I’m trying to encourage myself to let a
little colour into my life, my colour is 100% blue. I try to stay away from
navy blue (because it’s a little too close to black), so bright blue is totally
my comfort colour.


I picked up this dress from TK Maxx in their end-of-summer
sale for only £4 and it’s a piece I’ve had to pluck up the courage to wear. Mainly
because it’s a unique addition to my wardrobe, my style is usually pretty straightforward
and never over-the-top. Although I wouldn’t go as far as saying this dress is
over-the-top, it’s definitely a little different for me.


The first thing I love are the flared sleeves, I haven’t
worn flared sleeves since I was about 8! They’re just so much fun to wear, I
spun around about 30 times before we actually got these photos taken. Patterns
aren’t usually my thing either, I’m a pretty basic person (no word of a lie) so
I dress quite simple when it comes to an everyday look. It was actually the
patter (ft. colour) that drew me to this dress which was sat in a jungle of
sale items and out-of-season styles. Cold shoulder tops are a new love of mine,
after wearing this
yellow top during the summer, I grew more confident in wearing them!

Despite summer being over, I’m still totally loving this discount dress. The colour is certainly my new safe colour, and although it’s bright I feel comfortable rocking it! Black accessories are idea for a dress like this because I didn’t want anything to take away from the pattern or colours. A white bag and shoes would run the risk of clashing with the sleeves and I’d never want that!

Dress // TK Maxx

Shoes // Converse

Bag // Topshop

What’s your go-to/comfort colour?