How I Deal With Negative People

It’s not difficult to come across a negative person. Sometimes
I’m a bit of a pessimist without even realising. However, on occasion, you come
across those people that bring nothing but unfavourable views on just about any
situation – and always manage to magically appear just when we don’t need them.
Destructive energy can really bring down a healthy environment, and I’ve
learned a few ways to handle it without allowing the damage to really get to

Avoid complainers

From time to time, I find myself complaining when I really
shouldn’t be. Yet, there are people in the world that could be at Disneyland,
on a hot summer’s day, with an endless supply of ice cream, and a fast-track
ticket to every ride in the park and still
find something to complain about. People like that, are people we must avoid. I
don’t mean cut them off like they never existed, but actively choose not to
over-associate with the negative and unthankful vibes.


Negative people are often also negative to themselves. I
know this myself, as I used to be a pretty big ‘glass-half-empty’ girl, and
always had a pretty sad mindset. When dealing with negative people, I have
really learned to just try and understand why they’re so down on everything,
rather than become instantly insulted of affected myself. There could be a way
bigger story we just don’t know about, so getting wound up over a comment is
simply pointless.

Choose your battles

As mentioned before, getting wound up over the slightest
thing is nothing but a waste of energy. Of course, it’s important to stick up
for yourself and I am the queen of being petty at the most unimportant times
(just check my Twitter), but I
still try to pick my battles. I certainly don’t argue with keyboard warriors
over the internet – mainly because they’re the worst people online and never
worth my time.

Don’t dwell

There’s no dancing around it, sometimes a comment can stick
with you for life. Sadly, there’s not always a lot to be done. I still have the
negative thought that one person decided to tell me back in 2009 still popping
into my brain every so often and the key thing to do is never dwell on it. At
night, if something negative is on my mind, I distract myself until I forget.
Whether it’s YouTube videos, funny Vines or just Chris Evans in general, I do
what I can to get the idea out of my mind.

Change the subject

It’s not always easy to deal with negative people when they’re
right in front of you. One thing I like to do is just change the subject. For
example, someone could be bringing their downer thoughts all up in my business
and I just completely change the subject… to literally anything. It could be
the weather, GBBO, or even the bus timetable; just something to get away from those destructive feels.

Embody positivity

I believe in people being able to vibe off of each other. When
I come across someone that’s really bubbly and sweet, they brighten my mood;
and that’s why I think it’s important that humans interact with each other in
this way. Not everyone can be a Positive Polly 24/7 but trying hard to keep
that smile up is an easy way to deal with negative people. It could even be
possible the find something not to complain about.

Just ignore it

Easier said than done. But it’s got to be one of the
simplest ways I deal with negative people. Basically just ignore every
down-putting comment they ever say. Water off a duck’s back. Not that it’s an
easy task but remembering to ignore makes it easier to ignore… if that makes

Promote praise

Believe it or not there are people out there that chose to
be negative because they’re just mean. One thing I noticed at my old
job, is that my boss sometimes struggled to make my life a living hell when I
was so nice to her. She could ask me to do the most mediocre of jobs, but I’d
still compliment her on her dress sense (which consisted of patterns vs
patterns and leather ft. tweed). She still hated me, that’s for sure, but she
never got to me