W7 Colour Me Buff Eye Colour Palette | Review

I’m crazy about eyeshadows. They’re becoming quite an
important factor in my life and I’m embracing the obsession. The number one
reason I love to collect shadows is because you can always mix it up,
especially with palettes. Eye shadows can be altered to suit any outfit, and
create any style. From the sexy smokey eye to a simple nude lip, I love ‘em

I have a lot of bright colours with eye shadows, but a nude
palette is something I was lacking. I have reviewed both the Maybelline
and Collection
nude eye shadow palette, and finally decided it’s time to try another W7
review. I already have the W7 In
The Nude palette, which I loved, but I have to say I love the Colour Me
Buff palette that little bit more. The texture in Colour Me Buff is different
to In The Nude, as the shadows are a lot more silkier and apply very smoothly,
almost like a cream; whereas In The Nude is dustier.

The first thing I adore about the palette is that the shades
are much more like nudes. Although the shades in the In The Nude palette are a
little more pinky and are much lighter. I do like the shades, but as my skin
tone is quite dark, I’ve found that over time some of them blend together and
just look like the same colour. On the contrary, the Colour Me Buff palette has
the light shades but they have defined colours that show up well on my eyelids.
Sadly, I did initially swatch the shades on my wrist, but they didn’t show up
as well as I’d hoped (mainly because this skin on my forearms is a lot lighter
than my lids and a very different texture).

I managed to pick up the palette for £4.20 and a huge factor
for me is pigment, and luckily the palette delivers. The colours in the palette
are true to their shade and Onyx, which is basically black, actually shows up
black. I’ve used some palettes before that include black and it just shows up
as a dodgy grey. The shadows also stay put for a long time – very important. W7 is an inexpensive brand
so I wasn’t expecting a holy grail level of eye shadows but they definitely
work for everyday use. I’ve found that I don’t need to ‘top-up’ when wearing
them and they stay well for a night out.

I would totally recommend this palette to anyone who’s looking
for a simple set of colours that will work on all skin tones. They stay well,
and this could be because of a creamier texture in contrast to other W7
palettes I’ve tried. The twelve shadows are a lot of fun to play around with
them, and versatile for different looks – perfect for autumn!

Have you tried any W7 Eye Colour Palettes before? What did
you think?



Colour Me Buff (Natural Nudes) Eye Colour Palette available on Amazon.