10 Big Blogging Struggles

Being completely honest, there are quite a few aspects of blogging I find difficult. Sometimes the weather isn’t on my side, sometimes my face isn’t on my side and sometimes I’m just feeling to lazy to function and all I want to do is lay around the house watching Captain America movies. However, there are ten aspects in particular, that can only be describes as a struggle.

#1 I have no time!

I haven’t worked full time for over six months, but I still
feel like I have no time… ever! Since working part-time all I’ve wanted to do
is step up my blogging game, which I’m doing very slowly – but it’s still a
struggle to get a solid post out sometimes! Time seems to escape from my grasp
ever so easily and the struggle is so

#2 Getting multiple posts out a week

Speaking of having no time, publishing three posts a week
can be incredibly difficult. I try very hard to make sure I have at least two,
but my aim is three and at a push four. Sometimes it’s really easy, but other
times my creative mind set just vanishes and I’m stuck with absolutely nothing
to say, and sadly nothing to post.

#3 My photographer has a life too

I would love to be able to post hundreds of OOTD posts a year,
but my photographer isn’t by my side 24/7 and has a life of her own. She can’t
just drop everything for me, which sometimes means I simply can’t take any of
my photos. Luckily, I like to be prepared and have a few drafts I could use,
but they’re never as good as the fresh style articles.

#4 Money money money

Many bloggers say money isn’t an issue, you don’t need money
to blog. I do. I have to pay the bills, I have to travel to events, and
sometimes I have to buy clothes to actually blog about. I don’t always review
everything I receive, but like to look out for new brands which means spending
my own money. If only there were a discount code for real life.

#5 What’s my niche again?

I define Anika May as a life and style blog. To me, that
means fashion… and anything else. However, successful businessmen and women
always say you need a niche, “stick
to your niche”, but that’s not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes I want to write
about a topic that’s completely different! I like to mix it up, even if that
means less followers.

#6 I need more followers!

I absolutely adore and appreciate the followers of Anika
May, whether it’s on Twitter, Insta, Bloglovin’, Pinterest, Tumblr , Snapchat and so on and so on. Yet, it’s
very difficult not to feel like you need to strive for more! I’m not exactly in
the thousands but comparing my following to another blogger’s following creates
a huge struggle for me.

#7 Keeping track of stats

A lot of blogging seminars and conference discuss statistics and how you can use them to build an empire. All I’m thinking is: “that’s another thing I have to think about? On top of styling outfits, planning posts, scheduling ideas and living as a human?!” The. Struggle. Is. Real.

#8 I always have to look good

When you’re building an online presence, you always want to
look presentable. Right now I’m sat in a sweat suit, with Ugg
slippers on and a Rosie
for Autograph dressing gown (that is the softest thing I’ve ever worn and
can’t live without). I do not look
that great, and a photo op is not on the cards. But online, life has to look
picture perfect all the time!

#9 Am I likeable?

Wanting to be liked is a natural feeling. When people visit
Anika May, I want them to like what they see, and it’s a real struggle to find
out if people really do like what
they see, unless you ask them. I would like followers to know me for me,
and not just scroll through browsing pictures before leaving and never
remembering one of my posts.

#10 Blogging friends

Sadly, I don’t have a lot of blogging friends (awwww). As
nice as the community is online, I haven’t met a lot of people in the same
industry, and when attending events, most people already know each other so
tend to stick in their circle. Talking about blogging to people who don’t know anything
about blogging is an enormous struggle!