Back to School

Since leaving school, I haven’t really looked back. Not that
I didn’t enjoy learning about different subjects and increasing my skills but
just the idea of being back in the education system gives me nightmares.
However, sometimes I put outfits together, and just wish I had these items of
clothing while I was in school. Looking back at sixth form, my dress sense was
not… the best. Let’s just say, I got to a point where I didn’t care much for my
appearance (a stage every student goes through) and literally put on the first
scraps of fabric I could find. One day, I actually wore a pyjama top to an

Today’s outfit totally reminds me of the type of style I
wanted to have in school, super simple and very comfortable. I’m actually not
that big on double denim, but with the two contrasting colours, it works. Denim
jackets were a staple summer piece for me and I think they’re still great for
the first few weeks of autumn. Before it gets too chilly, I definitely think you can get away with the occasional
summer item – even if it means being the biggest (Lizzie McGuire) outfit

I never had a rucksack in school. At one point I literally
just carried my ring binders around and hoped for the best – getting on the bus
was a nightmare. I recently bought this backpack from New Look through ASOS and
absolutely love it. They’re so easy to work with! Similarly, these awesome Vans
I picked up from TK Maxx (for only £6) are my new go-to shoe. I love the unique
pattern and I think they brighten up the look without taking all the attention
in the outfit.

For me, one of the most exciting things about autumn, or
fall, is the colours I get to wear. I picked up this thinly knitted jumper from
Matalan and the colour is a must for
autumn. I’m back in my denim jacket from my most-recent OOTD because… well it’s
an awesome jacket. I even wrapped the sleeves from my jumper around the jacket,
for that extra touch of auburn; I really think the two fabrics work well

Jacket – F&F at Tesco // Jumper – Matalan  // Jeans – ASOS // Shoes – Vans // Bag – New Look