New In: Happiness Boutique Jewellery

I recently received the Luminous
Feather Ear Crawler Asymmetrical Earrings*
and the Angelic
Feather Crystal Ear Crawlers* from
Happiness Boutique and just had to share my opinion of the earrings on my blog.
I have a love for earrings because they’re an effortless piece of jewellery. They’re
easy and light to wear, and half the time I forget I’m even wearing them. I
only have two piercings in my earlobes, so I don’t always get to be
experimental with earrings, but I have found that there are earrings out there,
like crawlers and cuffs, that can really spice up a look.

Boutique believes in being happy and spreading happiness every day. They
want their store to be a place where people would not only look good but also
feel good, which I really like as I also believe confidence is key. When I got
the opportunity to browse their store, I was so excited because some of the
pieces are perfect for the upcoming season. A lot of the earrings in particular
have a charming vintage touch. The company offers free shipping (always a
bonus) and a customer
reward programme, and a bi-monthly giveaway to win the
occasional statement goodies. Now that you know about the company, let’s talk

The Luminous Feather Ear Crawler Asymmetrical Earrings drew
my attention due to the rose gold colour. I have always been more attached to
rose gold jewellery, not only because it looks super chic with any outfit, but
also because the tone is something different to the regular silver and gold. I
have no idea why, but feather have also become a recent obsession of mine,
especially for the autumn-time, so I can’t wait to wait these asymmetrical
earrings with my new wardrobe. One thing I love, is that the earrings aren’t
identical, which is exactly what makes them unique. The bling bling makes them
dramatic, but not too over the top.

Similarly, the Angelic Feather Crystal Ear Crawlers are
light and elegant, but still hold that bedazzle value. I have long dark hair so
I like to have a little shimmer in my ears; the angel-like feather pair are
perfect. I tend to stick with silver, white gold and rose gold for jewellery
because I feel like it brightens an outfit a lot more than the simple gold. I
love the shape of these earrings because they’re unlike anything I’ve worn
before and could enhance my already-dull office outfits, or become the perfect
accessory to a night out ensemble. I’ve noticed that both earrings are sturdy
but light – an essential.

If I had to pick a favourite, I think it would be the
Luminous Feather Crawlers, simply because I’m a huge sucker for anything that’s
rose gold or copper, and I love that the pieces aren’t identical. I would
totally recommend Happiness Boutique as the quality of the products are worth
the price and I loved the customer service/ordering process!

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