Stuck in Summer

The greatest thing about living in Yorkshire is that every
time I go for a walk, the scenery looks different. I could pass the same
street, and something about it will be different. Usually, it’s the leaves that
are changing (my favourite part of the year) or new flowers in bloom. This
week, I took a stroll down one of the country lanes that runs behind me house,
and the entire pathway was green! It was like being back in summer! I couldn’t
believe how bright and alive the trees and bushes looked, even though the
street running parallel had trees that were almost bare – it’s like this one area is stuck in summer

Warm weather days like today are so easy to dress for. When
it comes to fashion in the autumn, I tend to wear a lot of khaki green and
black, and plenty of leggings. I can wear leggings for any occasion I
absolutely love them. I’ve found that some people absolutely loathe leggings,
where others may wear them as pants with a crop top. I’m somewhere in between. I often chose comfort
when it comes to leaving the house over style, because if I’m not comfortable I’m
not confident. This knitted khaki top from New Look is unbelievably comfortable
– I’m so lucky to have found it. It was one of those pieces hanging all alone
on a rail, and I decided to bring it home with me. Similarly, I bought this
denim jacket from F&F at Tesco last summer and have loved it ever since. It
was the last one available at the time and I thought I’d give Tesco a chance. This
jacket is way thicker than I expected, and actually quite warm; I barely wore
it during the summer because it was too heavy! This makes the coat ideal for
autumn days that are not quite hot and not quite cold.

Converse and rucksacks have been my go to regarding my style
recently, and if you follow me on Snapchat (where I document anything and
everything), you’ll know that I’ve been wearing Converse non-stop for the past
fortnight. They’re a shoe I’ve always known but taken for granted recently,
until I started wearing them again. I think the classic Chucks go perfectly
with jet black leggings and help complete this simple look. 

Jacket // F&F
at Tesco

Top // New Look (similar)

Leggings // ASOS

Shoes // Converse

Bag // New

  • You look absolutely gorgeous! Loving the jacket..

    Parie x

  • Yiotou_La

    Love your look and your jacket is so pretty! At least you are wearing long sleeves and a denim jacket, I am still wearing my summer dresses and sandals. This weather is here to stay and I want to start layering and wear my lovely boots, but it ain’t happening soon 🙂


    • The weather is always switching in Yorkshire! Sometimes it’s summer dresses and sometimes it’s winter coats haha 🙂 xo

  • I absolutely love this look! It suits you so much and everything just works so well together xx

    Lauren |

  • FreyasFashionChapter

    It’s like that in Falmouth, especially this time of year! That denim jacket is such a find, I never think to look at F&F but I will now x
    Freyas Fashion Chapter

  • Oh my gosh same! But I’m in need of a new rucksack, mine is so worn and beaten

    Jacqui | Jaqventures

  • Kelsey & Kenecha
  • The scenery and greenery is so beautiful, I’ve only seen in pictures sadly. But I’ve always wanted to visit, being down in london its so busy and rush rush rush, I need some of that country air haha. Love the denim jacket. Have a lovely week 😉

    • I absolutely love living in the country, London is small doses for me haha! Thanks 🙂 xo

  • I’m still stuck in summer, so I know how you feel! Love the outfit girl xx

    Georgia | The Weekend Attic

  • Naelle Paris