All About That Backpack

Happy last day of November! I’m making it a thing, it’ll
catch on. It’s so unbelievably cold right now. Actually, it is believably cold
because it’s winter, but I feel like it’s an English think to talk about how
the weather is totally unexpected no matter what time of year it is.

 When I think chilly, I think anything knitted. Which is
exactly why the awesome knit cardigan is a must for this time of year. I can
only wear it when it’s (unbelievably) cold because it is just too cosy. The
wool blend comes in handy, and I absolutely adore the colour. It perfectly
suits the season, but blends really well with other colours and underneath
different garments, despite its length. The length is actually what drew me to
the cardigan because I like to have something to my knee, and always have the
option to wear boots too. When it comes to this cardi, I like to keep it simple
underneath, because the green pops a lot more with black behind it.

The outfit is also very simple so I can show off a new
little gem: the rucksack. I actually received the item in a swag bag from the
Next Press Day and it made my year. I cannot put into words how long I’ve been
on the hunt for a rucksack that’s unique but still within my style barriers.
Something different that I can still pair with my everyday outfits. After first
laying eyes on the bag, it reminded me of a bomber jacket (hence the nickname,
the Bomber Jacket Backpack). I think I’m one of the only bloggers who does not
have a nylon bomber jacket in a pastel colour so this bag is my way of jumping
on the band wagon. I’m obsessed with the colour! It’s so pretty and I think
will suit every season this year. I’m also happy to report it’s not just one of
those ‘showy’ bags, it’s actually functional. Yay for rucksacks!


Cardigan // Matalan

Rucksack // Next

Dress // ASOS

Shoes // Converse