Check That Cape










































For me, the very best thing about this time of year is being able to layer clothing to my heart’s content. Not only can I wear turtle neck tops without sweating through them, but I can wear capes outdoors without ending up awkwardly carrying them. Life’s sweet!

I picked up this stunning check patterned cape from Matalan a few years back, and grew a little bit nervous to actually wear it because I wasn’t sure if I could really pull it off. But its 2016, I’m twenty years old, and if I want to wear something, I’m going to wear it! Turns out I really love the colour with some bright jeans and eye-catching booties. Originally, I figured the wrap would be the one staple piece in the outfit, but why not make everything bright?! Jeans are my go-to this season, simply because it’s just too cold to wear anything else right now and I’m the worst when it comes to getting chilly.

Despite this wrap being at a discount price, it’s ridiculously cosy! The cotton blend fabric keeps me warm, and if I ever need to layer up, I can do so as it’s pretty light but not too thin. On chillier days, I’m definitely be wearing a turtle neck with this garment, and maybe a few extra layers underneath! I chose my new favourite bag, this mink shoulder bag from Next, which also happens to blend in perfectly with the cape!

Wrap // Matalan

Jeans // ASOS

Shoes // Next

Bag // Next