Another Night on the Town

Happy November! Yaaaay! Another OOTD! Or rather, OOTN. As I’ve mentioned in
like a hundred posts, I love to go out. When I first turned eighteen, I didn’t
go near nightclubs, I always thought they were tacky and a little bit
unsanitary. Although my opinion hasn’t changed, I still think going out is a
fun experience. Now that I’m twenty, I still pop into Mission or Prism when I
have the energy, but I also love going for casual drinks. Not all the clubs in
Leeds sell fun cocktails, usually it’s just shots for 50p and a random fizzy
drink ft. vodka. However, there are a few areas in Leeds that are amazing for
dressing up and sitting in a classy establishment, having cocktails that are
called Queen B and The Bazinga.

As much as I love jeans, I stick to jeggings to ensure
comfort. They’re stretchy, they’re soft, and they 100% skinny. I don’t always
wear heels when I go out because I don’t always need the height. Therefore,
these cute ankle boots from Next are my go-to, especially when I know I’m going
to be walking around all night. To match my leggings and boots, I chose a
simple black tee from a local charity shop that can be used for just about
anything – it’s like one of those must have basics. The staple piece of this
look is definitely this electric blue blazer from Dorothy Perkins – and it’s a
size 8!


I also chose to wear my favourite bag that was in a goodie
bag from a recent Next
event I went to. It’s made using one of my favourite colours: mink. I love
the dusty pink shade and think it’s quite a cool contrast with the blazer. Another
awesome accessory is my phone case, which luckily matches the whole blue vibe. It’s
one I customised myself with GoCustomized and
absolutely love. I got to choose my own image and decided to go with the case
that completely cover my phone – mainly because I’m always dropping it and there’s no way I’m paying for another
one. The process is actually a lot of fun, finding inspiring images (I chose my
dream city New York) and the type of case you like – plus mine came in pretty
good time. GoCustomized actually provided me with a lil’ discount code for my
followers, so make sure to use “ANIKAMAY20
at the checkout to receive 20% off your order!

Blazer // Dorothy Perkins

Top // Thrifted

Jean Leggings // Dorothy

Boots // Next

Bag // Next