Let’s Talk About Periods | Veeda Review

Anika May is a life and style blog. And periods are a part
of life. For me, they’re easily the worst time of the month, as it means
non-stop stomach aches, nausea, migraines and general feeling rubbish-ness. When
Aunt Flo is in town, I like to feel as comfortable as possible, and use the best
products available – meaning I’m always open to trying something new. When Veeda offered me the
change to try some of their natural cotton collection, I couldn’t wait. Veeda
provide affordable and safe feminine care with their hypoallergenic, toxin-free
100% cotton tampons, towels and liners. What I like most about the brand is the
price of the products, as it’s no secret that I’m a bit of a scrooge when it
comes to money and I like to know exactly
what I’m paying for. With mainstream feminine care products, I often find that
they do have a very plastic-like feel, in comparison to Veeda
tampons. As soon as my package was opened, I could tell the products were
of a high quality, and genuine cotton. There are no chemicals, no synthetics
and no dyes in Veeda tampons so you can actually feel the change in comfort. Personally,
I know nearly nothing about the ingredients used in sanitary
towels, liners or tampons and just bought the first one I saw, sticking
with it. But after using Veeda, I could actually sense a difference in comfort,
from application to removal. My mind is put at ease by the fact that I know the products
I’m using on my body are good and healthy, because I can be so picky about what
goes in my mouth, so why not be picky about what goes on down there? It’s not
something you really think about until you’re presented with the idea, and I’m
so glad I got to try products from Veeda and experience the difference between
standard protection products and 100% natural cotton, hypoallergenic products. I would totally recommend Veeda to anyone who’s looking for
a more natural approach to that time of the month. Although they don’t get rid
of the stomach cramps, they sure make Aunt Flo a little comfier!


Have you ever tried anything from Veeda?