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Technically, we’re nowhere near the end of the year – but
I’m already feeling reflective and it’s time I do something about it… write a
blog post. Anyway, it’ll be Christmas before we know it and then it’s New
Years’ Eve and 2017 begins. I can’t wait, I think it’s going to be an awesome
year. Anyway, I haven’t done an awful lot of travelling this year, and even
though I’ve experienced so much more through blogging, I still miss jetting off
somewhere nice. Believe it or not, I’ve only had one beach holiday in my entire
life, and it blew my mind. I also went to Oslo
in 2015 – best city ever. Still, there are many more places I want to go.


                   NEW YORK CITY, NY

Such an obvious choice. I feel like New York is a must-do in
life. There are millions upon millions of people who are desperate to visit the
island of Manhattan and I am one of them. It seems like to perfect place to
visit, no matter what time of the year. Visiting the city would not only help
me decide if I truly want to live there, but also get some amazing photos and
act like Serena Van Der Woodsen for the day.


                        BOSTON, MA

If you know me well, you know I love Chris Evans (Captain
America, not the BBC Radio 2 DJ). Guess where Chris Evans lives? Boston. But that’s not the only reason I
want to go there (although it plays a big part)! One of my close friends
recently visited and her photos were absolutely stunning! It seems like the
calmer version of New York and I could end up moving there instead… to live
with Chris Evans.



I love the idea of being able to explore through deep
jungles and fresh terrain. I think this country would be an amazing place to
visit, simply because it’s such a beautiful place. The nature is untouched and
still pure; there are national parks and every corners and animals I would
never see in the UK or US. It seems like a great place to unplug from the
world, and spend a few days relaxing in a rain forest. Plus, the film is



The response I get from most people when I mention this is:
“Where?!” Kiribati consists of 33 coral isles stretching along the equator and
is part of Micronesia. Only 5,000 people visit each year, it’s actually one of
the least visited countries in the world and most islands are uninhabited. There’s
something about travelling to somewhere incredibly quiet that’s very peaceful. Plus,
there’s plenty to do there, from scuba diving to surfing and birdwatching – I’d
never want to leave.



I first heard of Bali when watching this awesome programme
names Bondi Rescue. The lifeguards on the show really wanted to surf there, and
so do I. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no experience in surfing and very
little balance, but I know it would be such an amazing trip and an even better environment
to fall in love with. From what I’ve seen on YouTube and Pinterest, the island
basically looks like a paradise on Earth.



Both of my parents were born in Kingston, Jamaica and I’m
pretty sure I have some relatives there. Visiting the country would be
eye-opening, as I would get to meet so many people and finally nail the accent
I’m so ironically bad at. My mum always tells me of her adventures as a child
and I want to experience the same ones while learning more about the culture
there and tasting every piece of fruit I can get my hands on.



I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the idea of
Iceland. I love being in a new atmosphere, with the ability to explore and
experience something new. But, I hate
being cold. I can barely handle 10°C in the UK, so I don’t know how I’d manage anything
0°C! Yet, seeing an artic fox and baby seals in their natural habitat couldn’t
be missed for the world.