Next Spring 2017 Press Day
































The lovely people at Next invited me down to London on 02
November to check out some of the pieces that will be features in the Spring
2017 collection, from Womenswear right through to the stunning Homeware range. Spending
a day in London is exciting as it is, but being able to have a sneak peak and
the newest trends is one sweet cherry on top. As I walked into One Marylebone,
the wide variety of clothing and
accessories immediately gave me a ‘jungle’ feel, as the shelves were decorated
with leaves, vibrant green plants and wooden crates. The room was lively,
perfect for spring.


Florals are a major spring trend every year and 2017 will be no different. What I liked most about Next’s take on florals is the more vibrant and exciting look, rather than a simple pattern on a skater dress. The idea of flowers was everywhere – the heads children’s mannequins were flowers. I even spotted two pairs of shoes with a floral print embroidery look, which is a really modern and unique style for the springtime.

Pastels are another spring trend that will forever and always exist. Spring brings a fresh outlook to mind and with that come relaxing pastel colours. If you follow me on Twitter or Snapchat, you would have heard me banging on about how much I love dusty pink. It’s pretty much the only colour in some of my Pinterest boards! This shade was all over the womenswear garments and mixed with dark blues or other pastels to create a real feminine look.


As mentioned
earlier, I got a real ‘jungle’ vibe from the décor in the showroom and there
was clothing to match. The swim/beachwear in particular fault my eyes, as the
bright colours blended together and there was a good use of yellow and orange,
which I don’t often see in spring. I think this is a really cool twist in the
idea of incorporating nature into the season, which is usually the theme of
spring. The bolder look promotes confidence and I love it. There were a few snake-printed bags and products, but two in particular caught my eye as they’re so simply stunning and classy – I theme I often look for when shopping at Next.


I never
really link yellow with spring, but after this press day, I can’t unlink it! One
section of the home showroom was filled with yellow and grey accessories, and I
loved the idea. Nothing to bright and overbearing, luckily. From cute “Ewe Are
Loved” pillows to stunning bed spreads and love seats, the whole colour palette
just worked. The golden shade reminds me a little bit of a beautiful spring
sunrise and presents the ‘home sweet home’ vibes that I believe is essential to
make any house a home. Not only were the shades relaxing to look at, but they
were also very refreshing to see. The warmth look reminded me of a classic
country cottage and the idea of neutral tones blended with bright shades is
brilliant.  I think I’m definitely going
to be changing up my bedroom after this day!


Another thing
that surprised me at Next’s press day was the amount of items that were bold
and made a fashionable statement. Maybe it’s just me, but spring makes me think
of tiny lamb prints on pyjamas and fresh tulips on the window. I was definitely
pleasantly surprised to see the metallic pumps and more quilted items. I got a
really ‘modern’ vibe from a few items, including the stunning purple lights
from the home section, and the bumblebee cushion. I absolutely adored the
bright blue sofa, it took all my attention! Vibrant colours were also present
in a few of the clothes, which immediately reminded me of Paris. There was an
entire rail dedicated to this courageous but feminine sense of dress.


This trend
couldn’t come soon enough. The loafers, sneakers and amazing ankle boots became
the highlights for this spring style and I couldn’t be happier. Not that I don’t
love wearing heels, but sometimes I want to wear a style of shoe that’s chic,
but flat. I like that the trend in shoes keeps changing because you can never have too many shoes, and never ever have too many flats! The
bigger influence of sportswear in the fashion industry could be a solid reason
as to why heels aren’t on the incline, and more people are looking for stylish