Phone Cases Galore!

Hurray for post number 350! I’m sure you’ve heard me blab on about CaseApp about 100 times. This time last year, I had just discovered the brand, and now I’m obsessed! I like to mix up my phone cases every so often, especially when it comes to a new season. The change gives me something different to look at, rather than the basic iPhone back (even though mine’s pink and I love pink), and motivates me in a weird but wonderful way. Custom designs by me help the cases feel a little more personal too, and I’ve managed to build up quite the collection over the years.

CaseApp is the company I keep going back to, simply because their cases are so good. There are two major things I look for in cases: quality and price. It’s no secret that I can be a bit of a Stingy Sue, in the sense that I just don’t like spending money. When I first got my phone, I bought a cheap case from eBay for £2.00 and it was shattered after two days – major no-no. Luckily, CaseApp cases are around £20 each, depending on the phone and type of case, which I’m happy to spend.

Quality is incredibly important for me, and it’s because I’m Scrooge-like and do not want to spend hundreds of pounds on a new iPhone… absolutely not. For that reason, I need a case that’s actually going to protect my phone, as it’s dropped at least four times a day. I even have a glass screen protector to protect the actual glass screen. I nearly always go for the tough CaseApp cases because they’re a little thicker and have the extra layer to protect my phone. However, because I can customise cases however I like, sometimes I mix it up and get the standard slimmer case as a change. The material is strong enough to defend my phone against my clumsiness and that’s the best thing about them.