Phone Cases Galore!

Hurray for post number 350! I’m sure you’ve heard me blab on about CaseApp about 100 times. This time last year, I had just discovered the brand, and now I’m obsessed! I like to mix up my phone cases every so often, especially when it comes to a new season. The change gives me something different to look at, rather than the basic iPhone back (even though mine’s pink and I love pink), and motivates me in a weird but wonderful way. Custom designs by me help the cases feel a little more personal too, and I’ve managed to build up quite the collection over the years.

CaseApp is the company I keep going back to, simply because their cases are so good. There are two major things I look for in cases: quality and price. It’s no secret that I can be a bit of a Stingy Sue, in the sense that I just don’t like spending money. When I first got my phone, I bought a cheap case from eBay for £2.00 and it was shattered after two days – major no-no. Luckily, CaseApp cases are around £20 each, depending on the phone and type of case, which I’m happy to spend.

Quality is incredibly important for me, and it’s because I’m Scrooge-like and do not want to spend hundreds of pounds on a new iPhone… absolutely not. For that reason, I need a case that’s actually going to protect my phone, as it’s dropped at least four times a day. I even have a glass screen protector to protect the actual glass screen. I nearly always go for the tough CaseApp cases because they’re a little thicker and have the extra layer to protect my phone. However, because I can customise cases however I like, sometimes I mix it up and get the standard slimmer case as a change. The material is strong enough to defend my phone against my clumsiness and that’s the best thing about them.

As I never seem to shut up about phone cases on Anika May, CaseApp have given me another code to share with my followers! Make sure to use “ANIKAXMAS” at the checkout to receive 20% off your order. The code only lasts until 20th December, so order before the big day!