Polo Season

Autumn is an awesome time of year. It’s awesome for many reasons, and one of those reasons is being able to wear polo neck jumpers that are light grey without worrying about sweating through it. Was that too weird to reveal on my blog? Probably but I’m sticking with it. I’ve also really taken a liking to gilets or waistcoats, which I never really liked before.


There was something about wearing a waistcoat that just seemed so 2008 to me. Remember when that was thing? Like when Jane Norman was a thing? Anyway, I came across this jumper-vest combo in F&F at Tesco (my latest go-to for fashionable, inexpensive clothing) and loved it so I bought them both together. As mentioned earlier, I only wear this shirt when it’s chillier because sweat patches are a no-no. The light/dark contrast is a simple fall look that I’ve really grown to love, and it’s so easy to dress around. However, I’m super lazy so I stuck to the same theme throughout.

Nike Roshe shoes are a must for me, no matter the time of year. They’re so comfy! To this day, they feel like walking on air, and I tend to gravitate towards them when I have nothing else to wear. The trainers are easy to clean and the simple colour pairs well with just about everything in my wardrobe. On the other hand, my electric blue Fiorelli bag is a huge contrast. I never know was season to put the bag in, because I carry it all the time. If you know me, you know I own about 12 Fiorelli and this one has lasted the longest – and it’s blue, my favourite!

Have a great day!


Jumper – F&F

Gilet – F&F

Jeans – Next

Shoes – Nike

Bag – Fiorelli @ TK Maxx