5 Ways to Unwind After Work

Work life is a hectic life. You enter the building stressed
and often leave stressed, which makes it a lot more difficult to relax in the
evening, and get other tasks done. For me, it’s really important to unwind
after work, as shake off that office feeling before the night sets in. So, here
are five ways to unwind after a long day!

Write down your worries, and ignore them until tomorrow

I wouldn’t live without my journal. I write down a lot of
things in there, from blog post ideas to goals for the New Year, but one thing
I do to unwind is note down every worry or stress from the day, to be forgotten
about until tomorrow. It’s one of those “cross-the-bridge-when-we-get-to-it”
things, but never procrastination. I hate coming home, and still thinking about
stuff to do for work, so if I note them down, I feel less guilty about
unwinding at home.

Grab a colouring book

I was actually very critical of adult colour books when they
first became a huge trend. It’s just, how can colouring possibly calm someone
down? Well, they do. They really do. I bought a super simple one from
Waterstones (out of fear that the complex ones would stress me out more), and
also downloaded the Recolor
app for when I’m on the go. Colouring books are so much more relaxing than I
ever expected, and I look forward to getting home and just chilling with my

Lay down somewhere comfy and cosy

I’m an incredibly lazy person, there’s no doubt about it. So
any chance I get to lay down, is one I’ll take. Usually my sofa is the go-to,
but I’ve started heading straight to my bed and just getting cosy for a few
minutes while I chill, rather than the living room. The reason behind this, is
because I try to avoid screens for the first hour or so when I get home, just
to really unwind. There’s no television in my room, so I’m not tempted to lay
down, watch TV and stay there for the rest of the night.

Give yourself a mini massage

I’m not the best at massaging others, but I can give myself
a mini shoulder rub to chillax after work. Giving yourself a mini massage with
two hands or tools is really relieving, mentally and physically. I found this
awesome article with some of the best
self-massage tools to buy, and they’re so affordable! Making a mini-spa in
my own home is one of my favourite ways to wind down as I can’t help but feel
more relaxed than usual J

Change the environment or atmosphere

There’s one thing I know for sure, when I leave work, I don’t
want to think about work. I love my job, but I don’t want to be in it 24/7. Once
autumn hits, it’s no secret that literally
everyone becomes obsessed with candles and I’m no different. It’s almost instinctual
to grab a lighter and light up everything in sight. Music is also a big yes,
because it can change any atmosphere in an instant – oh how I love Spotify. There
are thousands of playlists, and the acoustic-based ones have to be my
favourite, they set a really nice ambience for a relaxed evening.

How do you like to unwind after a long day at work? Have a great Sunday!