Faux Leather Lovin’

I remember being a child, and loving tops that looked like two
pieces but were one. If that says a lot about me, ah well. I just thought there
was something super cool about having a deceiving piece of clothing and I haven’t
grown out of it… ah well.

Today, I don’t wear tops that say “purrrrfect”, but I love a
good knitted jumper. I picked up this awesome top from Next a few years back
and always thought it was too formal to wear with casual outfits. However,
since trying to organise my wardrobe, I found this little gem and fell back in
love with it. The top is a cotton/wool knit on the top, with a polyester bottom
that’s super soft and silky. I love the contrast between the two fabrics. Monochrome
is one of my favourite styles, so this top also looks really classy with a pair
of jet black jeans.


Another little gem I adore is my faux leather jacket, a
must-have for the colder seasons. I never like to splash out on leather
jackets, as I usually find the affordable ones are just as good as some of the
high-fashion brands, if not better. The fur neckline is also so cosy! Anything
to keep me warm as I’m always a little chilly J