She My Nap Queen

I’m like hey, wassup,
There’s something about cosy sweatshirts that just makes me unbelievably
happy. Comfort is key when it comes to my fashion sense, I don’t think looking
good is worth it if you’re in pain. Luckily, with my latest buy, I can look
great and feel better.

Sweatshirts give me a really weird memory of primary school,
because I’d always wear one over a polo shirt and it was my pride and joy. I
had them in secondary school too, but I didn’t enjoy those years as much as my
childhood ones. Coconut Lane is one of my
favourite stores for sassy sayings and bad-ass-ness. So when I found out they
were selling clothing, of course I got the first thing I fell in love with. It
was actually really hard for me to choose, because I secretly wanted all of
them. In the end, I chose the Nap Queen sweatshirt, because Trap Queen was
basically my anthem when it was released
and we all know I could sleep for the country. The amount of times I’ve said “I’m
super lazy” on my blog is just embarrassing, but I finally found a shirt to
suit me.

Now that winter’s in full swing, I basically sleep in a full
outfit, so this sweatshirt has become key for me. It’s so cosy and warm, the
lining is almost like being wrapped in a blanket! The jumper is mainly cotton,
which is where most of the warmth comes from. It’s a natural fibre that is a must for winter. I definitely won’t be
wearing this jumper just to head to bed, I’ll be wearing this around the house,
with my favourite skinny jeans and probably on a night out! I love the cool
phrases featured on most of Coconut Lane’s products (check out my post on their
wall art here) and find it hard to refrain from buying basically everything on
their site. There are quite a few blogger-themed prints, notebooks, sweatshirts
and more. Plus, big bonus: I have a discount code to share! Yaaaaaaaaaaaasssss.
Make sure to use ‘ANIKAMAY20’ at the
check out to receive 20% off your order – and let me know what you get!