Guess Who’s Back… And 21!

Happy May! Anika May is officially back in business. If you follow my blog on Bloglovin’, you may have noticed a distinct gap in between my posts. In fact, my last post was December 2016! At the end of last year, I fell out of love with blogging. I started to change the way I posted on my blog, worrying about how my outfits look and stressing out if I didn’t look fashionable enough. I started to compete with other bloggers, who had no idea I was competing with them. Comparison got the best of me and it started to get me down. Before long, every aspect of blogging before something negative or a chore. 

Well today I turn 21 and I’ve been reflecting on the past year of my life. There’s been massive ups and enormous downs, but overall, there’s a hole in my life that used to be occupied by my blog. Since taking a break from the big digital world, I’ve been able to figure out exactly the type of person I want to be, the type of career I want, the type of blog I’d like to own. Now that I’m a whole year older, I want to fall back in love with blogging. I remembered the reason I started blogging, because I thought it was cool to have my own little corner of the internet, and write about everything and anything. I absolutely adore photography and travelling, so why not incorporate that in the way I publish content! 

It’s a little late for the whole “new year, new me” vibe, so how about new age, new me. I want to give this dream career of mine another shot, and I’m more motivated than ever. 

I have missed blogging more than anything in the world, and I can’t wait to share more and more online. I want to alter my mind-set to being more positive, and then spread that online. I’m learning as I grow, and documenting each step of the way will be a lot of fun. I know turning 21 isn’t really a big deal, but I’m back to blogging, and I couldn’t be more ready.