Next Autumn Press Day 2017 – Key Trends | #NextPressDay

On 18 May 2017, I travelled from Leeds to London to check
out Next’s Autumn 2017 line and I was not disappointed. Whoever I head to Next
Press Day the first thing I’m always blown away by is the venue and this time
was no different. It was held at the The RHA in the heart of London and was
full of fashionable. My blog followers know I’m a fan of any building with
exposed brick inside so as soon as I walked in I was obsessed. I noticed quite
a few trends walk walking around, and found it difficult not to say “I
want that” with every other piece I picked up.


The immediate vibe I got from the womenswear section was
“femininity”. There were quite a flushing blushing florals and floaty
dresses that came as a pleasant surprise. I love the idea of giving women a
glamour touch in each outfit, and the pieces do exactly this. They enhance the
feminine silhouette in a simple and stylish way.

As this is the Autumn Press Day I definitely expected the typical “fall colours”: browns, greens, mustard yellows and navy blues. And I certainly found them, but with an awesome twist. My first impression was a preppy-school-Blair-Waldorf inspired line, with a hint of traditional autumn style. The plaid, tartan and dogtooth styles are making an elegant comeback in the best way possible. From stunning suede skirts to classic tartan, I can’t wait to shop this section. Plus, I become highkey obsessed with a bright burgundy leather jacket featuring a fur collar… I want.

Finally, I couldn’t escape the endless pieces with gorgeous prints on. What I loved the most about this trends, is that it wasn’t just a dress with a basic print on that’ll fade after ten washes. There are laced dresses with detailed appliqué patterns on, and cotton numbers with intricate detail on. Each piece looked unique and would be easy to dress around, as they catch the eye immediately. I loved that the prints stuck within the colour scheme and took inspiration from the fashion trends originating from long ago.


With the accessories, there was a huge emphasis on detail, and lots of little things that made them so great. Clearly inspired from the era of big statements and glamour, there was an enormous range of items to fall in love with. I found it hard to pick favourites, but the super-glam slouch ankle boot (pictured above) was a definitely yes from me, just imagine rocking those babies on a girly night out! Similarly, the textured boots took centre stage, stealing the spotlight from the over-the-knee nude boots.


If you follow me on Pinterest (I just hit 1000 followers –
yay me), you know how obsessed I can be over interiors. I mean, I have a board
for each of my favourite rooms in the home. Next’s home section was the first
place I headed because I knew I was going to love it – I always do! The whole
range was Scandinavian-inspired, but with the added Brooklyn, New York element.
The exposed brick as a background certainly helped sell the items for me, and I
loved the geometric styles mixed with wooden and metal must-haves. Everything
was simply stylish, but still practical. There’s nothing worse than having a
totally unique chest of drawers or bedside table that you can’t use because the
drawers are tiny and barely open. I got a real autumnal feel from this line,
but it wasn’t drab and boring. The mix of old and new from old wood and modern
shapes made the collection appear refreshing and quirky. I love the use of
brighter colours for the smaller products, which will immediately brighten up a
room. Individually, each item was a statement, but nothing clashed –