Summer Technology Wishlist | AD

I can be a little bit of a tech geek when it comes to
stylish gadgets and cool must-haves. I like to have the latest of most gadgets,
especially if it’s going to make life a little easier. Let’s just say, I rely
on Siri and assisted parking a lot.

7 Plus (in rose gold, obviously)

I currently have the iPhone 7, and as much as I adore
this phone, I would love the 7 Plus! It’s bigger, which makes tasks like
blogging on the go a little easier, but the thing I love the most has got to be
the camera. Pretty much everything about the 7 Plus is the same as the 7
regarding its operating system and effectiveness, and the camera is magnificent
and would mean less time packing up a DSLR and having fun with the 7 Plus’s
dual camera lenses and portrait mode.

PowerShot G7 X Mark II Camera

This camera has got to be one of the most famous vlogging
cameras ever. And although I’m not a vlogger quite yet, if I was to purchase a
camera just for this hobby, it would totally be this one. This pocket-sized gem
basically has the power of some of the greatest DSLRs at half the weight. You
could create a full HD film with this camera alone, and it’s ideal for
travelling and working on the go. With built-in Wi-Fi, 1080p quality videos and
its own pop-up flash, this Canon is perfect for me.

Ultra HD 4K TV*

I’ve had my current television for about seven years.
Don’t worry, it’s a flat screen but a very chunky one. Unfortunately the
quality is not as good as it used to be, despite the efforts of my Sky+ HD box.
I’m the type of person that gets excited when I can watch a YouTube video in 4K
on my desktop, so imagine having it on your TV! This television has a
cinema-like display and it’s own Firefox operative system which means it’s
perfect for catching up on my subscriptions as well as my Netflix shows! Plus,
it’s less than a third of the weight of my current TV.

Surface Laptop

It’s like someone created my dream laptop. I first saw
the YouTube advertisement
online and was immediately sold. I’ve never had a MacBook, so I’m very used to
the Microsoft Windows operating system and feel perfectly happy using it. I was
elated to find out Microsoft had created a powerful laptop, that would be ideal
for blogging and creating online content. The design feature is stunning and I
love the idea of a detachable keyboard that also works with the Surface Pen.


I currently have the Bose Soundlink
Mini II and I absolutely adore it.
But it’s not great for a raging house party or hooking up to my TV. On the
other hand, the Sonos Playbar has 9 amplified speakers and can be connected to
just about anything, including the latest TV. It’s super sleek and stylish, so
it would love wonderful in my minimalistic living room, or even in the bedroom.
It doesn’t come with Bluetooth, but the built-in Wi-Fi is ideal for me.

GLA 250

Is a car under the technology category? Well it is now. I
looked up a YouTube
review of this car after spotting it on the street and immediately fell in
love with it. I only bought my first car a couple of months ago, but I like to
be ambitious. Any Mercedes is a classy car, and this one has just about
everything I need. Perfect from every angle, and awesome built-in technology –
I think this is definitely the next car for me.