5 Netflix Shows You Need to Watch This Month

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I’m a self-confessed Netflix lover. Ever since signing
up, I have just adored the site and use it more than I use usual TV. There are
a lot of TV shows and series that I have grown to love, and watched way more
than three times. Therefore, my joy must be shared!

01. Girlboss

The phrase #GIRLBOSS is pretty famous thanks to Nasty Gal
CEO Sophia Amoruso, and this show is a total inspiration. Although it hasn’t
received the best reviews from critics and some feminists, I still love how
determined and unique Britt Robertson’s character is. The story is interesting,
very much like the book, even though the narrative is a little slow. If you’re
looking for the motivation to start your own business or jump into the fashion
industry, check out this show.

02. 13 Reasons Why

I completely understand why this show was controversial.
Some scenes were truly terrifying to watch. Why you should watch it? Well not
only because everyone is talking about it, but because this show will alter the
way you look at the world. While watching it, I started to think about my own
personal demons and actually become motivated to defeat them. I was moved by
Hannah’s story, as well as Clay’s emotional turmoil as each episode unfolded.
There’ll be characters you love, totally despise and want to hug. It’s a series
full of relatable types and eye-opening messages. But please watch with

03. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Whenever I’m on my lunch break, I look for something
light and humours to watch, as it’ll lower my stress levels and put me in a
better mood before I return to an afternoon of reports and cold cups of tea. Unbreakable
Kimmy Schmidt is that perfect show. Not only is it truly hilarious, but I fell
in love with the characters, especially Titus. You’ll often see gifs of him
floating around the internet, so tune in and enjoy.

04. Riverdale

I can’t lie, I really struggled with this show at first.
With the first few episodes, I couldn’t get addicted, and didn’t relate to the
characters this much. By the third or fourth, and a little encouragement from
my friends, I really started to enjoy the show as more details of the
mysterious murder were revealed. One thing I noticed with the characters in
this show, is that you really get to know them and their lives, and are able to
make your own decision as to whether or not you like them. And like any good
show, there are some great couples to obsess over!

05. Gossip Girl… obviously

I mean, if you haven’t watched this show. Kmt. I don’t
even know where to begin. I’ve been a Gossip Girl fan since it first showed on
ITV2 a couple of years ago. I became obsessed then and I’m still obsessed now.
It’s definitely the show that helped me to fall in love with New York City,
fashion and glamour. The drama is enough to have you hooked, and each season
has a hint of mystery; on top of the biggest mystery of all – who Gossip Girl